A view from the cheap seats

this is a good night to spend some time looking back…

  • incredibly hectic week…i feel fortunate a sermon actually appeared
  • lots of friends came to town this week for nate and hazel’s wedding.   i’m pretty fortunate to have lived long enough to have so many friends.
  • most people know that weddings don’t crack my top ten list of favorite things to do.   sorry.   i’m a wedding killjoy.   but i am a huuuugge fan of marriage.   so i’m a huge fan of what nate and hazel did on saturday.
  • as far as traditional wedding ceremonies go,  this one was as good as it gets!
  • it is so cool to watch kids grow up in our youth group…deepen and season along the way…grow in love with someone of like mind and faith…and make life commitments to each to grow old together.   i have enjoyed the process for nearly forty years.
  • i was super excited for sunday morning to roll around this week.   but then again,  i’m pretty much always excited for sundays to roll around.
  • i told some new friends today that sundays at north point are all about friends getting together to enjoy each other’s company and remember that it’s all because of jesus.   the sermon…the music…the announcements…the small groups…the coffee…all of it…simply icing on the cake!
  • i don’t know about you,  but i’m digging the baptisms!   our youth ministry is really starting to rock.
  • you need to passing on a good word to logan and the youth leader’s team.   they are doing an awesome job.
  • great crowd in both services!   i wasn’t really expecting it.   i thought we might be pretty sparse with this being one of the last weekends of the summer.
  • i’m working hard not to whine about the heat this summer,  but it was really warm in our building this morning…
  • i am soooo going to appreciate the fall and winter and spring this year.   i mean,  reaallly appreciate it.
  • but i’m not whining.
  • the music sounded great today.   great song choices.   each one really meant something to me as i sang it.
  • i have some mixed emotions about this sermon series.
  • i think we need to own up to the fact that we struggle…a lot…with the idea of being honest and vulnerable with each other about our struggles and sins and fears and secrets.
  • but unless we learn to trust each other with that kind of stuff,  we’ll never rise above the limitations.
  • i know it’s hard to be challenged to live with openness.   it is for me.   it is for you.
  • i love it when nobody wants to leave after the services are over.
  • big crowd at fuzzy’s for lunch.
  • it’s like church isn’t over until we eat together.

serve well this week.   remember the question at the end of the sermon?   is the greatness of god being seen in you?   in your words?   in your actions?   in your attitudes?    in your values?   in your reactions?   in your purpose?


One thought on “A view from the cheap seats

  1. Great service! The honesty and sincerity of it was great to hear. Its not easy to stand up there and expose your fears and doubts to others.

    Logan (Older Logan as he is known around the Bays house) and his crew do a great job.

    Awesome way to start a week back from vacation.

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