I’m a pretty happy guy

ordinarily,  i’m a guy that says  “scoreboard”.

when the final whistle blows,  the only thing that matters is the score.   who won?   who lost?

scoreboard.   cowboys won,  16-14.

but not so fast,  football fans.   this is the pre-season.   and it’s not just about the scoreboard.   and that’s why i’m a happy guy tonight.

first half stats of the chargers-cowboys game (when it was first team against first team):

chargers…205 total yards.   cowboys…49 total yards.

chargers…23 minutes possession.   cowboys…7 minutes possession.

chargers…two red zone giveaways (should have been touchdowns).   cowboys…two red zone takeaways  (gave them three more minutes of first half possession time and kept the score from being 21-0).

chargers…total control of the game in the first half.   cowboys…over-matched.

this is not a diss on the cowboys.   i think they are the best team in the NFC.   if they don’t make it to the superbowl,  it will be a huuuge shock to me.   better than the saints.   better than the vikings.   better than the packers.   better than the eagles.

tonight…not better than the chargers.

tonight…i’m a pretty happy guy.


6 thoughts on “I’m a pretty happy guy

  1. Dude. Aren’t you guys tired? It’s like 3am and we are all still up. What’s wrong with this picture? Tomorrow should be interesting.

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