I Love Texas


4 thoughts on “I Love Texas

  1. Avery was mad because we told her it was going to be too hot today to wear long sleeves. Then we walk out this morning to a blizzard. Yeah I can see why kids never believe us.

  2. Logan put on a turtleneck for church Sunday. I told him it was too hot that he had to change. So after 5 minutes of discussion he stomped off and came back with a long sleeve Tshirt. I gave up. He won! But I got a ton of satisfaction seeing his little butt sweat!

    Yes he is the 4 year old not me! But I was right.

  3. it’s funny at the same, but tell me, is that Senegal was not the same time as Texas, it seems to me that yes, I know that as it is the same in Florida thing
    here the sun heats well despite the rain keeps falling

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