A view from the cheap seats…

here are a few thoughts about our day at north point,  before i call it wrap…

  • the summer calendar is officially over.   this is good.
  • we had nearly 60 in our first service.
  • i can remember…not too long ago…when 25 seemed like a lot.
  • second service was packed.   i think we used every chair.
  • i’m starting to think a lot about what we are going to do if more people start coming.
  • it’s a nice problem…
  • seven brand new people today.
  • i know that the big dog churches can have seven new people who show up in one row…every sunday.   but i can’t imagine them  (or anyone else, for that matter) being more humbled by it.
  • it still rocks my world when new people show up.   even more, when they come back a second time.    it’s the best when we actually become friends.
  • i wonder how many people one person can actually be friends…real friends…with?
  • my heart really goes out to becky and gigi.   both of them lost their mothers this past week.   funerals will be this week…both of them in california.   we need to remember to pray for them.   and give them a hug next time you see them.
  • having jeff,  from amor ministries,  join us this morning was pretty cool.   he definitely could have gone to a few other “supporting” churches…ones with bigger budgets and more people…but he just wanted be with us.   what an encouragement to hear him talk of how grateful amor is for our support.   it’s personal.   it’s friendship.
  • that’s what it’s all about…and we are starting to really get it around north point these days.
  • good new song today…”restore me”.   went pretty awesome with the sermon.
  • speaking of the sermon…this series has been tough.
  • the whole topic of  “if you really knew me” is so personal…so invasive…so confrontive.   standing up in front of people and talking about things that are so private and so intimate is incredibly uncomfortable.
  • but i am more convicted and determined to continue this kind of teaching than ever before.
  • we all need to have friends that are willing to stare us down and say the tough things.   and this is not just about sermonizing.   this is about one on one conversation among friends.
  • there were new people who left the building before i got to say “hi”.   i’m never happy when this happens.
  • there were no new people that left the building before somebody said “hi”.   lots of somebodies. i’m always happy when this happens.
  • i always fight the urge to tell people to turn around and say “hi” to people during a forced greeting time.   most of the time,  i win…beat down the urge…and keep that awkward moment from happening.   today,  i won.
  • i will lose this battle again,  sometime soon.   hope you are there to share the moment.
  • i think we’ll do the run-and-jump-side-bump-in-the-air greeting,  instead of handshakes.   you better start practicing now.
  • i’m so grateful the band keeps working to create a new sound.   they are awesomely dedicated north pointers!
  • i think it’s time for a doughnut sunday again.
  • watching people stand around and talk after the services is still the best part of sundays for me.
  • lunch at rudy’s with friends always makes for a great finish.
  • where did you go to lunch?   did you invite people to join you?   anybody new?   get with the program!

have a great week.   remember your vows.   determine to keep them.   don’t beat yourself up.   live with boldness.

3 thoughts on “A view from the cheap seats…

  1. How He Loves was amazing today! Them boys can do some Crowder.

    Good message. Good series. I’ve throughly enjoyed this series. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of admitting things about myself that I didn’t even fully know about myself.

  2. I say we replace our windows with sliding doors, and put seating outside. Or we switch up the room and go east to west instead of north and south.

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