Marriage Tuesday…going on sabbatical

august 25,  2009…that was the date of my first “marriage tuesday”.

over the past year,  i have written about marriage nearly every tuesday…along with a lot of other posts that touched on a variety of subjects related to marriage.

i’m going to take a break.   not a permanent one.   just a short vacation from the topic.   it’s time for me to do some new reading and watching and listening on the subject.

i hope this has been a good year for your marriage.   i hope my words have helped.   if you’re not married,  i wanted to inspire you to see it as something worth investing in.   i hope that happened.

i would love to continue to hear from you about the topic of marriage.   what do you think we could dialogue about here?   what topics need to be addressed?   what things need to be talked about all over again?   your insight is valuable.   your questions are important.   your ideas could be really helpful.

i’m looking forward to coming back at this.   with a vengeance.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday…going on sabbatical

  1. I’ll miss marriage Tuesdays. Always thought provoking. Always stretching me to look at my relationship with my husband with the eyes of God.

  2. I think you should give Luke, Scott and I one year to totally unravel all you have said on Marriage Tuesday. Then you can have something to write about next year.
    At the same time Raeshel and I will have nothing to talk about anymore. I guess we will have to think for ourselves. What will we do?

    We need Titans Tuesday. We should talk about all the draft prospects for this season.

    I think you should spin a “topic wheel” on Mondays. you can have topics ranging from infidelity to how to gut a trout.

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