Second chances

don’t know if you’ve seen this or not,  but it’s pretty cool.   carlos whitaker is a worship pastor in atlanta and he was out in local inner city park to do some filming of a new song that he had written.

what happens is totally sponteneous.   a homeless man comes up and starts singing with him…and it’s all recorded on film.

and for the record,  we need to do this song at north point.   if there was ever a place that could sing about the god of second chances,  it’s north point…


5 thoughts on “Second chances

  1. Well you guys have been trying to get Brandon to sing. He could do the reggae style. That would be awesome.

    It was strange watching that. It struck me how often society looks at homeless people and think they are just deadbeats that “choose” to be homeless. That they don’t have the intelligence or skills to “find a job”. Then you see a man like Danny and it completely explodes those idiotic prejudices. He improved a song that he had never even heard the music to and it was better than 99% of the crap that makes mainstream radio. That isn’t just a talent it’s a gift. So many times we lose track of God’s glory and think that only certain people can be gifted or that He loves someone else more than me. God loves everyone equally and completely unrelated to their finances or if they have a roof on their house. I need to work harder at getting to that point.

    Maybe next time a homeless person comes up to us instead of worrying about whether or not he is going to use the few dollars we are so gracious to give him we should listen to the song God is trying to sing to us through one of His people.

  2. Powerful! Not sure how anyone could watch that and not be moved.

    I know I was crying…and you can hear the cameraman sniffling.

    Very cool stuff!

  3. wow! (Works of Wonder) The holy spirit was in the park that cool morning. What an amazing testament to the God of Wonders. What an incredible place it will be when all come together to praise his holy name!!!!!

    This was beyond words. Listen, over and over and enjoy

  4. This was truly inspiring, check out my blog site for more on second chances from a Christian perspective. I’m from L.A. and the site is pretty new. I’d love to learn from you!


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