church dogs

as if we don’t have enough trouble with our reputation.

this video is creepy on so many levels,  i don’t know really where to start.   the dude is apparently a legit christian artist who travels,  sings at conferences,  makes albums,  and has a little side gig singing for children.

i know i wrote about contextualizing the gospel yesterday…and i know we need to put the story of jesus in a package that will resonate with children,  but i can’t help but think this is squeezing the edge…

not sure i would let your children watch this alone…


10 thoughts on “church dogs

  1. Um. Mike of all the videos you could have posted, this one will give me nightmares!!! Can you say cREEPY?? I wonder who did his make up? Did he take a special class?

  2. Yeah….uh…I…..hmmmmmmm… wonder so many animals are abandoned every year. I have a daughter that can euthanize this one.

  3. Question: Should I be worried or upset that I just walked into my living room to find my Great Dane dressed in a blue terry cloth robe singing Amy Grant’s “Better Than A Hallelujah”? Neither did we, so we went back to the waffles and tapped our toes while he belted out the chorus. ZOINKS Scoob!!

  4. Spay and Neuter your pets people!

    Dude you know that guy drives one of the creepy McCreepster panel vans and has a bag of lollipops in there.

    Fergus. Can Brandon and I please paint your face up like a dog? It could be a basset hound. You would take full possession of the greatest moment in North Point history. It would absolutely trump the hound dog.

  5. Uhm…hmm…Well, I was terrified, amused, laughed out loud and wondered what on earth this guy is thinking.

    Creepy doesn’t even come close to describing this!

    (Chris, wasn’t your Great Dane singing “Better Than a Howwlll-le-uah”? =)

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