Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.  got to wear my jacket this morning on a jeep ride up to denton.   fall is coming and i can’t wait.   there’s nothing like chilly drives…a stocking cap…and a runny nose.

2.  it’s been really sweet to meet with guys for breakfast on wednesday and thursday mornings.   watching the lights go on in their friendships has been cool.

3.  even tho i’m a baseball guy,  i love the start of football season…especially now that i live in the great state.   the excitement is amazing.   we decided we need to go to more high school games this year.

4.  best breakfast tacos?   brisket, egg, potato, and cheese at rudy’s!

1.   okay,  i’ll admit it.   i’m still a creed fan.   can’t believe i didn’t see them this weekend here in dallas.

2.  the padre’s have sucked the past week.   i’m not happy.

3.  i’m tired of glenn beck trashing jim wallis,  a christian leader i deeply respect.

4.  i’ve worked really hard this summer, and half my front yard is still mostly weeds.   ugh.


3 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. because the Nazis were all about “social justice”

    The real problem with Glenn Beck is his meshing of patriotism and religion. We’ve seen that before when the Catholic Church went on the crusades. His brand of patriotism has more to do with Naziism than any church standing up against the sex trade. I’m also not sure that most of his Christian listeners actually know that he’s Mormon. Too many people have unknowingly allowed him to become their pastor.

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