what would jesus do?

this week,  it was pretty hard not to hear about the pastor in florida who plans to memorialize the september 11 attacks on the world trade center by building a bonfire and burning copies of the koran,  the holy book of muslims.   if you haven’t heard about it,  here’s the new york times article.

eugene cho is one of my favorite bloggers.   honestly,  you should make a habit of reading what he writes.   in response to this lunacy,  eugene posed a question…

“what would jesus do…burn the koran or eat with his muslim neighbors?”

i think you know the answer.   but i challenge you to read the whole article.   your thinking will be challenged.   your values will be shaken.   the way you live may change.   don’t miss this.


5 thoughts on “what would jesus do?

  1. I have better things to do than to give my little HSO on this subject. So I am done from here on out.

    I am going to spend my time trying to learn the intricacies of “Better than a Hallelujah” and why our high priest likes it so much.

  2. I think the guy in Florida sounds like a nut case and will probably get himself killed.

    As far as the other guy…I don’t know. We’re supposed to show the love of Christ to everyone…be his witnesses…but it never means we have to condone beliefs or behaviors that aren’t christ like. That’s what jesus does for us, he came to us while we were still sinners, so that’s what we need to do in turn. And so on the one hand, I applaud the guy.

    The problem I have is the line that says “his aim (is) to build better understanding between evangelical Christians and Muslims.”

    Is understanding what we should be building? I don’t think that’s what Jesus’ goal was. He didn’t come to earth to understand our sinful ways, he came to save us from them.

  3. That song makes me want to stab myself. Its on the radio like 8000 times a day.

    I don’t agree with his message. I think he is a nut. I don’t think his logic is biblical. If you start burning books that aren’t pleasing to God or aren’t “Christian” enough its going to be a big pile!

    Why stop with books? Might as well throw religious symbols in there as well. Burns some cows and budda’s. I mean they are blantant examples of not believing in Christ. Can’t just throw the symbols in the pile. You better burn the evil church that is brave enough to not believe in Christ. We surely can’t be having open worship that isn’t pleasing to God.

    Jesus didn’t die so we could build a big pile of crap to burn for Him. He died so that we could be on fire for Him. This jackhammer is just making a big bonfire and getting himself some face time.

    You want to burn my Bible burn it. Its not the book that saved my heart its the story that’s in it.

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