Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.  we had an awesome labor day picnic!   nearly 100 people…amazing food…great weather.   it was really cool to watch people sit around and enjoy each other’s company.   sitting and talking is always a good thing.

2.  my droid incredible continues to be…incredible.   my new favorite app is called “color note”.   it has a voice to text feature that i’m starting to use a lot.

3.  i participated in a thing called the nines this past thursday.   it was an all day video conference where over 150 church and management leaders each had six minutes to tell about a “game changing” principle in their work or ministry.   i listened to about seventy of them during the day.   very cool.

4.  our fantasy football league started on thursday.   i intend to do much better this year.

1.  the rain on wednesday literally flooded into our living room.   it came in the back door and through the wall.   carpet was a mess.   i’m not even going to talk about the flooding in the garage…

2.  my favorite baseball team is the worst hitting club in all of baseball.   unbelievable…they are still in first place.   but not for long.

3.  i totally got faked out in believing the hot weather was gone.

4.  those that know me well know that i cycle through unexplained depression at times.   i am in that cycle right now.   i hope it’s nothing more than the padre’s anemic bats…


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