Thinking about men

wednesday and thursday mornings have become just about my favorite times of the week.

on wednesdays,  there’s a group of guys that get together at mcdonald’s  at 6:30 for a quick breakfast and some conversation on the way to work.    i get over there every week to join them.

i do the same thing on thursday mornings at the taco bueno by my house.

if i could figure out how to join the guys who meet at the taco bueno down by the mall on thursday mornings,  i would.   i guess i’m kind of secretly hoping they change days!

i love hanging out with guys.   i wish more guys felt the same way.

i read a great question tonight:

“are you prepared to make the changes needed to become a man of influence for god?”

man,  what a question!   it cuts to the heart of the issue.   as important as our answer is to that question,  i think it’s even more important that we have the courage and personal insight to ask it!    we need more men who will go deeper in their discipleship.   men need other men to show the way…ask the tough questions…lead out with the difficult answers.

if we don’t do this for each other…if we don’t model a seriousness about our faith and a soberness in our lifestyle… we are destined to be shaped by television commercials during football games and testesterone-laced radio talk-show hosts who have created a forum for acceptable racism,  sexism,  shallowness,  empty commitments,  and narcissism for all men in our culture.

don’t let it happen.

One thought on “Thinking about men

  1. As the father of 3 sons I’ve thought about them becoming men a lot lately. Asking myself if I’m setting the right example. Asking myself if I want my son’s to grow up and be just like me. Because the chances are pretty good that they will.

    They already at their young ages say things I do. They act the way I act. They have my sense of humor, my laugh, my mischievousness and always have a response for any comment you make. They are 3 little Luke’s.

    I don’t want them to be the man I am. I want them to better. I want them to make wiser choices. I want them to love more. I want them to walk a straighter walk than I have. That all starts with the man they will model their lives after doing a better job of being the man God wants me to be.

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