Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   i went to the local lewisville dump this past week.   i am astounded by the amount of trash we throw away.   i am equally astounded by the amount of stuff we accumulate…most of which eventually turns into trash anyway.   there’s got to be a better way to live…

2.   although i’m pretty excited about some new television shows that are premiering this week,  i gotta admit the emptiness that i feel from the loss of jack bauer is pretty acute.

3.   i’m feeling the pain of cowboy fans tonight.   really.   i’ve been there.   i will probably be there again.   soon.   as much as i enjoy local sports-talk radio after a cowboys loss,  i’m afraid that it will be over-the-top this week.   poor wade.   poor tony.   poor jason…both garrett and whitten.    not poor jerruh.   sorry…i have to draw a line somewhere.

4.    morning services at north point were flat today.   really flat.   i’m not ruling out that it could have simply been me and my cycling.   or not.   low attendance.   low volume.   sleepy faces.   definitely missing energy.   we’ll be ok.

1.  the flood damage that threatened to turn my  living room into a modern day noah’s ark from last week’s deluge was minimal.   this was great news!   fans and some pretty solid airing out has done the trick.

2.   last monday i got to take care of my grandson…the great holden…for nearly seven hours!   and i lived to tell about it.   that may not seem like much to all of you young super-parents out there,  but for this retired vet of the parenting battle,  it was all i could handle.   you should have seen me crawling up the tube to the second level of the mcdonald’s playland to rescue a scared grandson who bit off more than he could chew…

3. i am totally pumped about two new groups that have formed at north point in the past couple of weeks.   i think the new young adult group and the new advent conspiracy team…and their leaders…are going to do great things.   can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

4.   awesome local restaurant in old town…taqueria martinez.   it’s not new,  but it has expanded recently.   totally authentic.   not much english spoken,  but all you need to do is point at the pictures to tell the friendly staff what you want.   south mill street,  near frady’s auto.   you’ll be glad you went.

3 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. Yesterday My mind was too busy to be at church. From losing my wife’s keys to running home and cooking burgers.
    I played like crap too. It was like the end of a reel to reel tape. My tape came off the other reel and the loose end was flapping around.

  2. Don’t get too down about the service, Mike. We went to church with Andrew this weekend near his college. There is flat, then there are pancakes, then there is three day old road kill flat….

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