Hot Links

here’s some hot links i stumbled on this week in my study…

a comparison of generations – a college study about how things have changed

a message for people who work with kids – some great encouragement for youth and children’s workers

some information about texting – an explanation of our infatuation with texting

essential reading for parents of teenagersare your kids developing an authentic faith?

communicating clearlyyou must see this.   and then think about our most important message.   are we as clear?

very cool word artcheck it out!


One thought on “Hot Links

  1. I’m a wimp the, “Seat belt” got me.

    The text article to me is old news as I am in the middle of their test groups. I texted my cousin in service once because something you said reminded me that I have not talked to him on over 6months. I think texts are great. This same cousin I texted once just to say hi, I got a phone call a few minutes later getting the skinny on his kiddo wanting to be adopted by his step dad. All the contacts in my phone can’t be “great” all the time. I know i’m not.

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