The pendulum swings the other way…

okay.   i admit that last week may have been a little bit of a downer.   or maybe a lot of a downer.

but i feel a little better.   i seem to be finding a way out of my three-week odyssey into my personal world of melancholy and gloom.   writing about it was a good step.   you oughta try it.

anyway,  i am determined to have a brighter, happier week on my blog.   so here’s something that will brighten your day.   i promise,  if you give it longer than the first 20 seconds,  you won’t want to turn it off.   it will make you smile.   and you’ll be hearing the song the rest of the day.

for the record,  the song is called “we no speak americano”…by yolanda be cool,  an australian band that’s really popular around the world.   but not in the u.s.    go figure.


16 thoughts on “The pendulum swings the other way…

  1. Fergus, let’s do this to “better than a hallelujah”
    But don’t wear so much lipstick and I’m not going to hold your hand. No matter how much you want to.

  2. WTH? So I assuming from this video that you have lightened your stance on using drugs to fight your depression and gave in. Wow just wow.

    I think this definitely calls for a Fergus/Brandon duet. We can get Ross to video it and Benny to run the drum machine.

  3. I don’t fear creativity. I think it was kinda cool in a psychelelic kinda hippie way. Doesn’t change the fact that it was really weird.

    So you think football is a waste of time because guys are just hitting each other. Yet this is “creative”? There is no telling the countless hours these people spent to make this crazy little 2 minute video so a few people on Youtube can watch it and wonder what in the heck these people are doing.

    Fergus could always break out the dog suit again.

  4. Wow…..I’ll only do it Brandon, if we wear matching striped shirts. You realize we can’t accomplish those fantastic movements by one Thursday night practice. We’ll need multiple practices to get that down. I’m thinking the half wall is a really good spot to work on the coordination of movements. Plus, you can fix us some half eaten burgers for when we need a break to get our energy back up for more of the limb dancing. Can’t wait!!!

  5. Why doesn’t the band wear matching shirts? It could be like team building. Maybe you could coordinate it with Mike and what him and Corey are wearing that week.

  6. Why are we so afraid of Speedos? Here is an image: I used to do Half-Ironmans in a speedo. Try ridding a bike 56miles in one. It will make a man out of you.

  7. After 56 miles that speedo probably looked a lot more like a thong. Ok so if we ever go bike riding you have got to wear beach shorts over your speedo. I don’t fear creativity but I sure fear that sight!

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