Top Five

in keeping with the pendulum swing of this week,  i thought i’d break out a top five.

one of my favorite late night snacks is a bowl of cereal.   with non-fat milk.   (on a side note,  i can’t drink whole milk.   it makes me gag.   2% is almost as bad.   1% is pointless.    just give me a tall,  frosty glass of  non-fat milk any time of the day,  and i’m a happy guy.   really.)

here are my top five cereals:

5.  chocolate cheerios

4.  frosted mini-wheats

3.  captain crunch with crunch berries

2.  cinnamon toast crunch

1.  wheat chex with bananas

honorable mention:  trix.   this is wanda’s favorite cereal.

so how about you?  what are your favorite cereals?


18 thoughts on “Top Five

  1. Dude those are all kid cereals!! Chocolate cheerios?

    My favorites are

    1.That big bag knockoff bag of Fruity Pebbles

    2. Frosted flakes

    3. Frosted mini wheats

    4. Grapenuts

    1. 5. My favorite Sunday morning cereal. A bag of Chex mix from the gas station. Scott wanted me to pour milk into the bag last time.

  2. I never even heard of chocolate Cheerios.

    My favorites are basicly any cereal you can add fresh strawberries to without a collision on the taste buds, with a few exceptions.

    5. The never before heard of brands of granola that Pam gets as Manager Specials at Krogers

    4. Grapenut Flakes

    3. Fruit and Fiber

    2. Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds

    1. Honey Nut Cheerios

  3. My family used get milk from the neighbors who had their own dairy cow. We brought it home in gallon jars. As it set in the refrigerator it would separate. You had to shake it to mix it up before you drank it. Mike, I bet you really would have liked that milk.

  4. Gross. Any milk that you have to shake first sounds gross.

    How did no one mention marshmellow maties? The cheap lucky charms? Cheaper but with WAY more marshmellows?


  5. Erin.. whole milk straight from the cow is wonderful. We used to go get it once a week when we lived in Oklahoma. (Childhood memory).

    Anyway, cereals – 1. Frosted Mini Wheats
    2. Plain Cheerios
    3. Apple Jacks
    4. Frosted Flakes
    5. Corn Pops

    1. I still shake the milk every time before I use it………. way I was raised

      Golden Grahams
      Frosted Mini Wheats
      Fruit Loops (better than Trix b/c they don’t get soggy as quick)
      Sugar Snaps
      Honey Nut Cheerios with fresh blueberries

  6. I don’t eat anything straight from the cow. I like my food nice and processed. Gets all the yuckies out. You never know what might be in there.


    Raisin Bran
    Multi Grain Cheerios
    Wheaties with bananas

    But I don’t really eat cereal anymore either. Waffles are better.

    But I don’t really eat cereal anymore either.

  7. I want to know who the first guys was who said, “See that big, dumb animal that smells like poo? Okay, now see the bloated dangling mass between it’s back legs? I think I’m going to go squeeze that and drink whatever comes out.”

    Milk is gross. Not that it tastes bad, but the concept grosses me out. Soy Milk for the win.

    5. Kashi Crunch.
    4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
    3. Marshmallow Mateys. (good call Erin)
    2. Captain Crunch, peanutbutter crunch.
    1. This peanut butter granola stuff from Kroger. Natures Path or something.

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