A lesson from the wilderness

like i said yesterday,  i spent this past week at bear trap ranch…an inter-varsity christian fellowship camp about 45 minutes up the mountain behind colorado springs.

for the past eight years,  i have been part of a small group of guys who serve as youth ministry mentors to youth ministers who come from across the country to spend five days in the colorado wilderness…for rest,  clarity,  challenge and personal development.

it’s a pretty awesome experience for me.   in the midst of trying to serve and help,  i am always drawn face-to-face with who i am as a guy…especially as i relate to other dudes.

some would say that men don’t do very well when it comes to talking…at least on a deeper level.   we do well when it comes to our favorite teams and foods and cars and television shows and music.   but when the conversation moves out of the shallow water,  most dudes are looking for the door.

i appreciate this conference because most every guy is coming with the knowledge that,  even if he doesn’t want to jump into the deep end,  he knows he needs to.   this is refreshing.

this is needed.

men need other men…to talk…to listen…to feel…to get in each others faces…to walk in each others souls…to point each other to the grace and greatness of god.

it’s one thing to debate the merits of the designated hitter or the run-and-shoot or a chrysler hemi…but it’s quite another thing to speak of kingdom issues and the lordship of christ.   quite another.

last week reminded me it was not only possible,  but mandatory.

it’s time to man up.


2 thoughts on “A lesson from the wilderness

  1. How do u think the Rangers will do in the post season?

    I think you drank from the “bear restroom”
    If u think I will ever open up.

    I’ll hang up and listen.

  2. First things first there is NO debating the merits of a DH. Nobody wants to see a stinking pitcher hit! Halladay throws a no-hitter in the playoffs. The second one ever!!! Most people are just as amazed that he got a hit. How stupid does he look crossing homeplate in a jacket? A jacket!! It is stealing money from National league fans to make them pay to watch some guy stand up there and have zero chance of hitting.

    Ok now that I got that off my chest….

    Did the conference help you continue to crawl out of the personal funk you have written about lately or make it harder?

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