Handicapping the post-season

in spite of the galant effort of my beloved little friars,  i still think this is going to be an awesome post-season in the bigs.

clear cut favorites:  the yankees and the phillies.   no doubt.

next in line:   the mighty molinas.   i told you earlier this season that i became a ranger fan with addition of the great benji.

slim hope:  tampa bay and the twins.

nope:  the giants…the reds…the braves.

what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Handicapping the post-season

  1. Here’s hoping your Cali boy shuts down the Rays today.

    I can’t wait to see Rangers vs. Yankees in the 2nd round!

    Don’t count out the Reds so fast even though they got no-hit yesterday!!!! How freaking cool was that? Their bats will wake up.

  2. I like your predictions barring any of the following:

    Bad Umpire calls
    Weather forcing (or allowing) pitching rotations to be changed

    I am hoping for the Rangers of course.
    I think if they get by the Rays the Yankees are our best bet to defeat. (imho)
    National league should be either the Phillies or Phillies light…..
    amazing how this is the year of the pitcher…hmmm….Selig is gonna want to see some offense for TV ratings…so legalize PID’s….starange pitching has over taken hitting in post steroid era….I think not

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