Going off-road..the weekly 4×4

1.   i was so pumped to get to colorado after the stinking hot summer we had here in the great state,  i couldn’t stand it!   when i stepped off the plane in colorado springs…altitude 5,000 feet…it was a brisk 87 degrees.   after an hour drive up the mountain to nearly 10,000 feet,  it was a chilly 76 degrees all week.   i never even took out my stocking cap…

2.   waking up at 5:30 on wednesdays and thursdays for breakfast with north point men would not be bad if i could figure out how to go to sleep before 1:30 the night before.   old habits die hard.

3.   i’m feeling the pain of my fellow dallas sports fanatics.   this was a bad,  bad sunday for the home teams.   i think overreaction monday could be wide open…

4.   we are going on six or seven weeks in a row of north point attendance being inconsistent.   offerings have been less than what we need to move forward.   i long for the next  sunday when everybody who calls NP home shows up on the same day!   (see number one on the thumbs up…)

1.   in spite of the erratic attendance and giving,  things have never looked better at north point.   new people every week,  new ministry teams,  optimism about the future,  momentum in hearts and attitudes.   these are really great days…

2.   cool north texas nights means the jeep will be rolling every evening.   if i had hair,  the wind would be blowing through it.

3.   wanda has been sick for twelve days.   miserable.   but i think she’s turned the corner.    time to start walking again…

4.   it was so good to be back with my church family today.   i have felt totally disconnected for the past couple of weeks.   getting back to normal was breath to my tired soul.   i feel rejuvenated.   i am ready to rock this week.


2 thoughts on “Going off-road..the weekly 4×4

  1. socal is doing just fine, thank you. the little friars were supposed to finish last and ended up playing for the division championship on the last day of the season. it’s going to be a great off season. chargers never play well until the second half anyway. what does that say about the jags? the University of Spoiled Children are getting what they deserve and UCLA can always say they whuuped TU. san diego state always sucks, so i don’t ever lose sleep over them. my memories of the marshall faulk days have not faded. and hey…my old high school team is 4-2. go sweetwater red devils!

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