In praise of the post-season

first off…to all the faithful,  long-suffering ranger fans whom i count as friends:  your day has arrived!   congratulations!   breathe in the air of victory and feel the freedom of the absence of monkey on your backside.   enjoy your next three days.   the knots in your stomach…the panic in fingertips…the feelings of nausea…the pounding of your hearts…and the tightness in your sphincters.   it will begin all over again friday night.

and you will love every second of it!

and for the record,  cliff lee was not your MVP.   the mighty benji molina was!   hauling that robust body into second on his stolen base was the igniter of the fire that propelled the mighty molinas to victory.   don’t forget it!

here’s my post-season question of the week:   if all your money was on the line,  which pitcher do you have the most confidence in to bring home the bacon in an all or nothing game seven?

roy halladay

andy pettitte

tim lincecum

cliff lee

c.c. sabathia

cast your vote…


17 thoughts on “In praise of the post-season

  1. Once Halladay has a few more starts, it’s probably him.

    But at this point, you simply can’t argue Lee’s track record. The guy is a postseason legend after just 2 seasons.

  2. After last night’s showing I choose Lee. Thank you Mr. Washington for letting Ranger fans see a complete game from Mr. Lee. It just made it more sweet.

  3. Hard to argue with the one who brung ya….Mr. Lee

    Also please please enjoy the victory….

    I knew a huge Braves fan back in florida who was a die hard fan….every game during the play oofs he was so pessimistic that even when they won the World Series that one year all he could talk about was how they would not repeat.

    Enjoy the ride remember anything the Rangers accomplish from here on out is firsts….Coming back to Texas this is one of my favorite things….I have always been a Huge Ranger Fan (girth not included) and have the “old school” Jacket to prove it….IF they make the series the schedule has them playing in Texas Oct. 31….I will be in town to watch my Jags play Dallas; goto Stars game the night before…oh what a trifecta THAT would be to see a series game….BUT lets just “take it one game at a time”

  4. Ranger fans I hope you enjoyed last night. As a fan of the other Texas baseball team, you will be disappointed again soon. Very soon.

    I think Cliff Lee just made his contract $20 million more than anything the Rangers could offer him.

    I hope the Rangers do something with their “all in chips”

    I remember how great it made me feel on the inside when the Astro’s had Randy Johnson for a half season and playoffs.
    It’s a good drug, but it will be taken away.

    Mike, you should remember the Randy Johnson stint in Houston.

    Ryan is not going to take off the suit and pitch for you.

  5. Me and my spincter would throw my chips in with Lee. I know that may come as shocking to some of you guys but that dude is money! The problem is you guys can’t start him until probably game 3 and you will get a big ol taste of 2 of those other guys on that list before then.

  6. Cliff Lee and his big bag of tricks has my vote. Hopefully he stays with us long enough to school some of our youngsters in the art of his perfected craft… even more so than he already undoubtedly has.

  7. Brandon, Brandon, so cynical, so down. As long suffering fans, we are happy with the victory that we have just partaken of. The Rangers have never given us any expectations to be disappointed in, so we take each victory as a sweet gift. Love every game, enjoy every moment.. and what the clubhouse did for Josh was amazing.

    Cliff Lee is my vote… I’m a little off topic. Sorry, Mike.

  8. and maybe, maybe.. Mr. Ryan and Mr. Greenberg are a little smarter than their predecessors.. and maybe Mr. Lee is not as money hungry as the rest of the MLB world. Would love for him to think that his closer access to that home in Arkansas might sway his decision just… a wee bit. I know a reach for a fantasy, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

  9. Sherri, I hear you. I just come to grips every season that only a few teams can buy an attempt at a Dynasty.
    Texas is not on the East or West coast. I have learned not to get too attached to any one player.
    Including pitchers.

    Also, I may have gone off topic as well, but that’s because Mike will do something crazy like write “Marriage Tuesday” that no one will respond to.

  10. There ia an election coming up you should blog on that and see who bites.

    Lets not forget the death poll… Its a winner I’m telling ya.

  11. Let’s not forget that Wilson pitched better than Lee did in Game 1 of the DS. CC scares me, sure, but Wilson should scare the Yankees. If he’s on like he’s been most of the year, Game 1 will be a good game. Lewis vs. Petitte also has “great game” potential. People seem to be operating under the old assumption that Texas has no pitching. At worst, Tex and NY are about equal on that front.

  12. Justin, CJ’s pitching has ROCKED since Lee came into the clubhouse. Inspiration? Words of wisdom? Something has made him a much better pitcher. I’m very glad he begged to be a starter. Was hoping more of that would rub off on Big Game Hunter, but he only had one game of wonderness after Cliff joined the organization.

  13. Oh Brandon, I know how you feel. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Rangers give me no expectations, therefore I cannot be disappointed. I know (In the past) that if we groom a pitcher and make him great… he will be on another team the next year. I fully expected Pudge to retire a Ranger, but no… couldn’t give him a couple of years and off he goes and wins a World Series… GREAT for him, I was pulling for him all the way. Just nothing we can do except keep hoping for the best but don’t hold our breath. Now our other “dallas” teams that keep hyping up these expectations… those are the ones that I get mad at. Of course with Hicks still owning the Stars (or the whole thing in limbo), I have no expectations of them until he is gone.

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