Do you pray?

some people don’t pray because they are lazy.

some people don’t pray because they get by fine without it.

some people don’t pray because they really don’t believe in god.

some people don’t pray because they have been let down in the past.

some people don’t pray because they don’t know how.

some people don’t pray because they are too busy.

some people don’t pray because they don’t get the point.

some people don’t pray because things are not desperate in their lives right now.

some people don’t pray because they are afraid of how god may answer.

some people don’t pray,  but think they do.

some people don’t pray because they already have everything they want.

some people don’t pray because they feel guilty for not praying.

some people don’t pray because of unconfessed sin in their lives.

some people don’t pray because it makes them feel like a hypocrite.

some people don’t pray because it’s boring and hard.

so what’s your excuse?


13 thoughts on “Do you pray?

  1. When I don’t pray more than the little prayers throughout the day it’s because I didn’t consciously set aside the time to pray on that day. Who knows what I was doing that particular day? Watching the Rangers…working late….reading Mike’s blog…taking a nap…could be anything.

    Some days I’m suddenly aware that the little conversational prayers aren’t happening. Then I have to consciously say something to God to break the ice. I figure I’m the one that was frozen.

      1. Another question: Why am I not aware of God more than I am?

        Hmm… Walking around unconscious may explain other things in my life.

  2. Does praying for the nourishment of our bodies for a helping of Chicken fried steak and potatoes, receive the same attention as a prayer for someone having life sustaining surgery?

    Did the quick prayer I said yesterday for Angela’s Mom while sifting through emails, have just as much meaning as the long weeping crying prayer filled with emotions gathered from my lifetime I had for my Mom during my Dad’s Death?

    I have to believe God hears them the same way.

    And no I don’t pray enough.

  3. Sherri, do you think if God could talk first, would that make him less God to the masses? Would that put too much human in him?
    If he spoke first would we listen anyways? The Sinner inside of me would prolly start treating him like my parents or Boss.
    I know its a weird way to think.

  4. He probably does speak to me and I don’t listen is right. I’m stubborn that way… and if you had prayed for that chicken fried steak on Sunday, at my house your prayers would have been answered 🙂

    Maybe I just thought that because that’s the response I get from my mother. You never call. Well MOM the phone works in both directions…..

    Yes I pray. I pray in thanks. I pray in anger. I pray in discouragement. I pray in desperation. I pray the same prayer over and over again even though I know he heard me the first time. I pray that nobody is reading this because I’m sure i’ve said way too much.

  5. I think a lot of people don’t pray because they don’t verbally hear a response. So you begin to doubt if your prayers are heard. You aren’t getting a tangible response back so it makes you question whether there is someone listening on the other end of the line.

    Then you have people that say they hear God speak to them when they pray. Why don’t I? Am I doing it wrong? Am I praying for the wrong things?

    I agree with Brandon. Come tomorrow there will be 20000 Rangers fans and about 30000 Yankees fans in the same stadium praying two completely different prayers…. Who gets priority? Will God once again smile on the Yankees or will He throw up the Claw? Should those people even be praying for such a silly thing when there are so many other things worthy of our prayer?

    I guess what I’m getting at. A whole lot of people don’t pray because we as “the church” don’t spend enough time explaining the importance of prayer to our faith. It’s just thought to be understood even when it is far from understood.

  6. oh Luke.. you may have those numbers reversed this time. I think people that never heard of the Rangers are Ranger fans now. So probably wouldn’t be a good idea to pray for a Ranger win? How about I wish real hard? Claws and antlers are ready.

    Darn it , I digressed again.

  7. You may be right. This is Dallas. The bandwagon Cowboys fans that didn’t hurt themselves jumping off the Cowboys bandwagon will be looking for another bandwagon to jump on. Wade should be the one cheering loudest just to distract the Dallas fans from his team!

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