Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   i know we are supposed to give thanks for everything,  but severe health issues (and all the complications that seem to follow) that have been hitting folks in our church family in recent weeks has been tough.   my heart…and prayers…are with my friends.

2.   chargers.   ouch.   but i’m pretty optimistic we’ll be there in the end.   bad division and norvell seems to make the right  adjustments in the second half of the season.   not sure the same can be said for the wadesters.   crushing blow today in minnesota.

3.   i’m really frustrated with facebook.   apparently,  there is a bug that is pretty deeply embedded in the part of FB that imports external blogs.   i found a FB discussion board on the topic and there were over 400 pretty angry posts.   seems like the consensus among the hostiles is that FB is deliberately sabotaging their own system to force people to stop using blog hosts like wordpress, and write their posts directly on FB.   mmm….sounds sinisterly plausible.

4.   gotta get more men to show up to weekly burrito breakfasts!  great time.   men need this.   some know they need this and just don’t come.   some know they need this,  but their lives are too hectic to make it happen.   some know they need this and legitimately can’t come.   some don’t know they need this.   the last one makes me sad.

1.   i’m  really happy for my fan-friends of the mighty molinas.   it’s been a long time coming.   i have a suspicion that it’s not going to be over any time soon.   the antlers…the claw…the rotund one…cliff.   hope is in the air.

2.   it was great to have a packed house in the second hour today.   it’s always a better day when more are there.   it’s not about the numbers…it’s about the connection and friendship and energy.

3.   had an awesome time cooking dinner for the young adult bible study that confiscates our house every thursday night.   i love those guys.   i love being around those guys.   i think there are some amazing things in store for this group.   and it’s seems like more and more young adults (married and single) are making north point home.   wow.   just,  wow.

4.   pretty cool to see people already rallying around angela to help her meet the needs of her mom and dad,  in the face of joan’s heart surgery.   this is what family is all about.


One thought on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. Larry would come to your burrito fest except for the fact that we are both already at work when you get started. His shift starts at 6:30 am…

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