Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   i’m coming officially close to taking a year off as a charger fan.   they’re killing me.   they’re killing themselves.   too much sun.   too much surfing.   too much something.   number one offense in the league.   number one defense in the league.   2-5 record.   this is nuts.   i think i might be getting on the cleveland browns-colt mccoy bandwagon…

2.   too many 80 degree (plus) days in october!   i’m tired of this.   it’s time for cold,  wintry,  blustery,  gray,  windy,  sleet-filled,  bone-chilling days.   tomorrow is supposed to be 89 degrees…followed by a week of mid-70’s.   i’ll believe it when i see it.

3.   we need a sunday…soon…when everybody’s in the house!   i love being part of a church family that doesn’t define itself by sunday morning attendance.   i really do.   but i miss the excitement and momentum that comes from a crowd.   could this week be that sunday?

4.   i officially hate church competition.   in our pursuit of distinctiveness…the things that make our church different than your church…we have replaced cooperation and shared kingdom values for winning and losing.   “come to our church.   our band rocks.   our pastor is a sweet preacher.   we have killer children’s programs and an indoor rock climbing wall for the youth group.   come and join our church!” translated:   “your church is a loser.” it’s time for all of us to stop this.

1.   props to all the long-suffering,  loyal ranger fans!   they did it.   somehow it’s all come together.   great offense.   great defense.   great pitching.   great managing.   it looks like everything is coming together at the right time.   i’ve not seen a team make it look so easy since the final six games the boston red sox played in 2004 to win the pennant.

2.   great time with buzzy at a concert wednesday night.   great 70’s rock and roll at tolbert’s in grapevine.   gunpoint is a group of 50-somethings that have rocked together for the past 25 years all over texas.   awesome night.

3.   love what i see happening with the north point advent conspiracy team! these are committed,  passionate people that are leading us to our goal of at least $20k to give away during this christmas season.   it’s my favorite time of the year for north point.

4.   looks like the new “Del Taco” will be opening within the next month up in denton.   del taco used to be in texas in the mid-70’s,  but closed their operations down.   it’s been a socal fast food staple since the early 70’s.   it used to be called “naugles”.   great name.   good mexican fast food.   the $1 green chile cheese quesadillas will be worth the drive.


5 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. Dude. Del Taco Rocks!!!
    When my Dad or Step mom would pick me up every two weeks.
    It was either Friday night Del Taco or Sonic (steak fingers with one huge onion ring. I wish they would bring those back)
    I felt like I was ten I again when I saw the sign being erected.

    Yet again another reason to move to Denton.

  2. long suffering, but … able to participate in the celebration of game 6. It was great. The Yankee fans to my left weren’t quite as thrilled as I was.

    Now I need to find a fan with a huge heart who has three tickets they can’t use and will sell them at face value so Ashlee can have the birthday present she has wished for her whole life… The Rangers playing in October for her birthday. (she couldn’t go last weekend). Of course the other sad part.. Ashlee has to buy her own birthday present if we find this person… UGH!!

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