Marriage Tuesday

here are five really harmful mistakes we can make in our marriages:

1.  assuming – making assumptions can be a killer in any situation…especially in a marriage.   we think we know what our spouse may be thinking or feeling,  but it may not even be close.   don’t be stupid.   don’t speak for each other.   don’t think for each other.   don’t think you know what’s best.   talk.

2.   not listening – one of the reasons we spend so much time making assumptions about what our partners are thinking or feeling is because we don’t want to talk.   we don’t want to talk,  because it requires listening.   listening is a supreme act of unselfishness.   we don’t listen because we don’t care.   it’s as simple as that.

3.   specifically,  not talking to each other about our sex lives – it’s the great “off limits” topic of discussion.   ultimately,  when we do get around to talking,  it seldom ever gets around to sex.   there are way too many couples suffering with unfulfilled sexual needs.   talk with each other.   now.   agree to seek counsel.   don’t let another day go by without facing this.

4.   the need to be “right” all the time – can i just say this?   stop it.   stop it with need to always be right…to always have the last word…to always win the arguments…you’re a partnership, for crying out loud!   everything about your marriage is about we, not me.

5.   having unrealistic expectations – marriage problems run the risk of exploding when unrealistic expectations are allowed to develop.   unrealistic or unfair expectations in our sex lives…in our finances…in our careers…in each other’s abilities and characters…in our schedules…are total set ups for failure.

are you making any of these mistakes?   beware.

can you add to the list?


4 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. This is moreso true when young children are in the house, but not taking time out for each other, or attempting to do the small things or special things for your spouse.

  2. I am definitely guilty of the “can I just say this”….. I have a tendency to have to be right all the time.. not something I am proud of and also one of the things that I CONSTANTLY have to work on to control…

    Most times, I just have to keep my mouth shut… lol (for those that know me, that is really hard to do)

    I also agree with assuming… You know what they say about that… When you assume, you make an A** out of You and Me…..

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