Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   went to buffalo wild wings on wednesday night with my friend channing to watch the first game of the world series.   great night.   great conversation.   good venue to watch the game… outside on the patio.   like i said,  all good.   so why the thumbs down? we watched the game with a bunch of frat boys and their women and i was reminded again of how difficult the battle is to speak truth and purpose to the budweiser commercial generation.

2.   i woke up this morning with no functioning vocal chords. i could barely get through my sermon.   by the end of this day,  they are shot.   nothing to give.   i’m sick.   and my throat hasn’t hurt this bad in years.   it’s going to be a long week.

3.   the mighty molinas are down 3-1.   not looking good.

4.   i know i’m starting to sound like a whiner,  but this is the fourth week in a row that things have just been off at north point.   it felt like we were sleep-walking through the service.   i’m looking forward to a good sunday this coming week.

1.   we had a good trunk or treat night! lots of north pointers working hard together to pull off the evening and provide a cool experience for a lot of kids.

2.   a 21-year old kid pitching the game of his short life on the biggest stage in baseball.   madison bumgarner was nothing short of amazing.   i’m pulling for the rangers,  but the effort by the young giants pitcher is what makes baseball the greatest game ever.

3.   i can’t tell you how much i love preaching about the church…to the church. there are few topics that fire me up the way this one does.

4.   finally!   great jeep-driving weather…  crisp,  dry air.   a stocking cap to keep my bald head warm.   chilly temps to make the drive nippy.   anybody up for a spin?


7 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. I usually have more faith in my Rangers but I pulled a Yankee fan act and went to bed after the Posey home run. Knew they didn’t have it in them and I’m not going to waste my sleep (5:00 am comes really early) over a losing effort. Having said that, even if they lose it tonight, I’m still proud of them. They are the pride of the metroplex right now. They’ve far exceeded my expectations and I’m proud to say I’m a Texas Ranger fan and have always been one. Football season is over for us. We still have hockey and we’ll talk about basketball in April right about the time the Mavericks start choking.

    Now as far as that spin… yeah, I’m afraid it’ll be a real spin, round and round and round 🙂

  2. Yesterday I went into my closet and was looking for a belt,
    Well there on the top self, laid my family’s 3 Astros “we made it to the big dance” never worn hats. Then I remembered I let Avery use one of my WS t-shirts for a 2nd grade “Laboratory” Jacket. It got better use that way.

    So all my WS junk full of holes and dust. Basically meaningless now. The moment is gone.

    That’s life after the party.

  3. Just my entirely subjective observation.

    We as a church are completely beat down. Between a bad economy, multiple job losses, health issues, and deaths of loved ones it feels like nearly every member of our church has gone through or is going through some kind of crisis this year. My own job loss was incredibly quick and relatively painless between lay off to new employment, but going through the experiences of everyone else has left me incredibly tired and more than a little demoralized. I feel like there is so little I can do. I was contacted just the other day by a former employee who has become a stay-at-home mom that her husband, now the sole provider, has lost his job. We are all experiencing or being affected by this horribly challenging time for our church family.

    Although maybe it’s all relative. I used to belong to a church where the music became a larger and larger focus to the point where egos in the band helped contribute greatly to the ultimate dissolution of the church. I show up on Sundays at North Point and what I experience is a music ministry who dedicate their talents to help lead people in worship of the Lord. It’s not about a show, it’s not about endless solos and spectacle. I like that I can hear members of the congregation singing. I find it encouraging, I find it uplifting. I’m standing together with my church family in united worship before I have to head out on Monday and struggle to maintain a good Christian example, often entirely on my own. I’m also a pretty bad example and I know it. We have some very talented people working in our music ministry, but I never see them make it about them instead of God. Our church is encouraged to worship the Lord and they do. I have not seen that at every church. We are very blessed in that way.

  4. Jason, I hope I don’t offend you the day I grow some and Stage Dive into the first row. That has been my lifelong dream to make that happen during a service.
    Also during “Let the river flow” I want to throw up the international rock signal. (Pointing finger and Pinky)
    I was part of worship band that had the best sound in all of East Texas. Ego is a church killer.
    Mike, I think we should rock the house during Communion.
    Mike, does a church (unintentionally) work just like any kind of sport franchise or any co. Does the character start from the top(leaders/elders)? Wade, Jerry, Steve Jobs, etc. Or is the character come from the Team (congregation). You know, like when Wade doesn’t show any fire or when the Media gets onto Dirk for not showing any spunk. Or like when Dallas gets mad at the Cowboys as a team for not showing any heart?
    Is this what you are meaning by flat? I know it can’t be because of what you have been speaking on, Its’ great stuff. From my point of view, the word of God is there.
    I guess this subject on flatness bothers me. Because I am part of North Point, I know it is my ultimate decision to be either.
    A stick in the mud.
    A seat warmer.
    Or a worshiper that will throw water balloons at the pastor.
    You only live on earth once.
    Oh and Thanks for giving me the tools to have a great Christmas.
    I don’t have to give my Family any presents (Advent Conspiracy)
    And I can hate them too.

  5. jason…your words are profound and encouraging. there is no question we have been going through a difficult season as a church family. hurt, emptiness, dryness, sadness, busyness…more than our fair share going around! like you, yesterday’s music was good for my soul.

    my observation about being “flat” was about the whole, not any one of the components. to me, there was just a certain subjective feeling of anticipation that was missing in our personality.

    maybe it was ranger – cowboy angst…

    brandon, you had way too much time on your hands today at work…

  6. One of the old hymns says, “Open my eyes that I may see glimpses of truth Thou hast for me.” There are great newer songs that ask God to open our eyes to be able to see Jesus.

    I love it when I mention to Buzzy how marvelous it was that everything worked out so well on a particular Sunday and he responds, “Well, what did you expect. We prayed didn’t, we!” Or, “lmagine that,” with a twinkle in his eye. Instantly, I’m reminded God is both the audience and the orchestrator of that time of worship.

    Evaluation of what happens on any given Sunday is a tricky thing. We evaluate, plan, work, practice and pray. Then we have our emotions and expectations to deal with. Let’s pray that God will give us the grace to see glimpses of what He is doing in the lives of the worshippers assembled on that day. He was there. Imagine that!

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