Stranger than fiction…

i love north point.   i love advent conspiracy.   i love josh.   i’m even okay with goats in my front yard.

3 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction…

  1. Man it was going to be Epic if we could have gotten that goat and a chicken….. Stinking camping trip. We had it planned out and everything. I was going to hold the goat and Josh was going to hold the chicken (I have a great fear of any creature than can fly. It’s just not natural!). Josh assured me that it was house trained and that if it pooped on the floor he would clean it up. But since we couldn’t get the goat or chicken we just got Kyle. Kyle is pretty much house trained so I wasn’t too worried about him.

  2. Classic picture… for North Point!
    Luke, I would have loved, loved seeing you two with the goat and the chicken, but I doubt I would have heard a word you had to say! And Kyle is way cuter than a chicken.

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