Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   no question about it.   my trusty sony vaio laptop is starting to show significant signs of computer senior citizenry.   it is officially into year number five.   slower speed,  limited memory,  worn out parts and susceptibility to virus…kind of like my life.

2.   getting up earlier has been great…2-3 times a week around 5:15.   the problem?   i still don’t go to sleep until 1:00am or so.   a lifetime of late-night and waking up around 7:30 is tough to change!   i’m really dragging half the week…

3.   this is definitely the week i start raking and bagging leaves.   great.

4.  spending time this past week preparing for our participation with the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted church really exposed my problem with envy,  ingratitude,  and desire for more money to have more stuff at north point…some of the cool stuff that other churches with big budgets have.   i hate admitting this.

1.   the good news?   spending time this week preparing for the IDOP brought everything back into perspective.   what an incredible honor it is to serve  with a church family that doesn’t define itself by accumulation and expansion,  but by serving the less fortunate…identifying with the forgotten…and walking in the footsteps of jesus.

2.   i got to spend a little time with my old friends,  dan and ellen,  this past week.   we became friends in 1980.   we’ve seen each other only a handful of times in the past twenty years.   it’s amazing to know that real friendship and depth of  brotherhood is not defined by time and proximity.   it’s defined by shared values.

3.   incredible.   the garrettops rose up,  accepted the challenge,  and played with character and passion.   they will never be my team, but they earned my respect.   red jesus may really be the guy!   i could get on his bandwagon.   here’s hoping the fighting norvel’s were paying attention…

4.   i’m really digging my role as a grandpa.   you should see me…i’m getting pretty good at it.    the best part?   my only role is to make him happy.   that’s it.   discipline?   schmlishipline…


5 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. For those of us that they ARE our team, we are holding our breath. This is almost as bad as being a Ranger fan.. when is the other shoe going to drop. Makes some wonder the conspiracy theory of the red headed genius holding back so that he could get the position that he was SUPPOSED to get two years ago. Things that make you go hmmmmmmm But they looked fairly good yesterday. Penalties limited, interceptions happening, run game shut down pretty good and COMPLETE passes on our side. Makes you wonder who was in those uniforms with the Cowboy star on them.

  2. I enjoyed the win. I loved the game yesterday. I got to take two naps during and didn’t miss a thing.

    Sorry, I have been questioning leadership in all aspects of my life.
    To me, the cowboys have illustrated how leadership works.

    Wade: everyone likes you, your lower lever work ethic, blah, blah.
    This type of leadership you may succeed some(succeed some doesn’t even make sense to me, but I will go with it) then the message gets stale when nothing is really accomplished.
    Of course when the bar is lowered to a inch from the ground, its easy to succeed.

    So does saying “Nice guys finish last” hold water?

    Do you think when Garrett loses his first game he is going to say “well, we ran off the field fast” Noooo.

    Winners date the prom queen…

  3. Ah, so we are going to take this back to leadership, which is an interesting point brought up today at my place where my paycheck originates. Our “leader”, boss, manager, whatever you want to call absolutely is the most horrendous of bosses that I’ve ever had. He doesn’t communicate, he is passive aggressive in his approach to management, he wants total yes men instead of people that can do the job and I could go on and on. My co-worker and I were discussing the game.. his comment of “It’s amazing what the right leadership can do for a team”… of which we just both looked at each other and laughed. The morale in our department is so far down, we are unproductive.. We are the Wade Phillips Cowboys

  4. This leadership thingy strikes a BIG nerve with me at my office as well. My dept. is about to have a meeting tomorrow about how to rate our engagement in our Co. Really, we already have 5 different tools right now that judges our performance. WHAT A WASTE of TIME AND MONEY!! we are either engaged or not engaged. If you want to have a meeting and whip us and tell us we don’t care about the co and only collect a paycheck, then just beat us.

    I just wish leadership would just come out and say it “what have you done for me lately”

    It’s sad to say but it seems in some cases of leaders all you have to do is the exact opposite of what they do and you can succeed.

    Also, it almost always seems politics are involved in making leaders. Again, don’t sugar coat it.

    Maybe because my co. is in the industry of Labor management I am constantly viewing negative information on a Co.’s performance.

    I see 1000s of surveys a day on the performance of Hotels and Casinos. I see what guest complain about. I see what hotel employees complain about. I see what the Managers and DOOs complain about. They definitely all carry about the same theme.

    The good news is there is always that one co. that just has it right from the top to bottom. I am exaggerating, but 1 leader out of 50 may get it right? That’s a sick ratio.

  5. What I love is the employee survey and now we have a 360 Leadership assessment happening. Okay, WHY BOTHER with spending the money on these things if you aren’t going to do anything about it… or in the case of my manager, Okay I got the employee survey stuff fixed for a week and then he reverted back to his normal self. Why bother with it. If you are going to have a top down survey and assessment of your leaders, then you need to have a TOP down FIX the problem. There have been three different individuals going to HR because of this man or the people he has hired, so obviously there’s a problem.

    I’ve heard about this company that feels that if they treat their employees well and put them first, then the customers will get the rewards of that. Oh yeah, it’s the Container Store, #2 company to work for. Imagine that. Guess they missed beating the Gaylord out because they don’t feed their people.

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