life is messy.   i’m not the first one to say it.   nor the last,  i suppose.   but i am saying it.   life is messy.

when i was younger,  life seemed so much simpler.   problems seemed less complicated.   answers more black and white.   i am no less committed to truth than i was twenty-five years ago.   i still believe in right and wrong.   i still hold to absolute truths and remain steadfast to the accuracy of god’s word.

but this is not about the theoretical. it is about the practical.

life is messy.   it involves people.   imperfect…fallible…hurt…confused…angry…disillusioned…idealistic…broken… scared …emotional…subjective…disheartened…cynical…naive…immature…people.

messy people living messy lives in a messy world.

sometimes the right thing to do is unclear.   sometimes the path we walk is overly complicated with the effects of sin and mangled by the darkness of a broken and imperfect world.   the road is ambiguous and the destination is blurry.

if you know people who are struggling with knowing the right thing to do…or wrestling with acting on the truth…or laboring under the weight of intellectual or theological disharmony…they don’t need our smug judgment.   they don’t need our lectures.   they don’t even need us to tell them the right answer or what to do.

they need our understanding.   they needed our comradery.   they need our love and patience.   they need open-ended dialogue and a place to lay their questions down.   they need partners on their journey.   they need light for their paths.   they need friends.   real friends.

where are you on this messy path?


4 thoughts on “Messy

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I think sometimes we get caught up in our lives and forget that the crap of our lives stinks just as much as others. We like to say “man that guy is making a mess of his life”, yet most of our lives are just as big a mess. Maybe my problems aren’t as obvious as whoever I want to stand in judgment of, but make no mistakes I have just as many messes in my own life. The fact that you are better at hiding it or that “nobody knows” does not in one bit diminish the fact that it is not pleasing to God. The mere fact that we somehow feel justified in standing on our high horse and judging someone elses life is worse than what ever they are doing. We somehow want to think we are above that type of mess when our lives are filled with sin!

    God doesn’t call us to judge. Far from it. He wants us to climb into the crap that is our lives and help each other. To do that we first have to admit to ourselves and others that we are just as screwed up as they are. We might have made better choices but we are still imperfect. We all have different paths to the cross but make no mistake we all need the cross the same.

  2. Sorry dudes, for me only, the below describes my mental state.

    “…put on your big girl panties, get back from Mamby pamby land, and stop your blubbering you Jackwaggon! Want some tissues? Crybaby!”

    For me I don’t need a hug. I need to harness my drive and desire to either Poop or get off the pot.

    I don’t want to get left behind.

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