Is this what faith is all about?

i was watching tv the other night and a commercial for lunesta came on.   it’s a drug you can take that will help you go to sleep.   believe me,  there have been some nights in the past few months that i could have have used the stuff!

anyway,  the commercial concluded with the long list of warnings and potential side effects…the kind that sound a lot worse than the problem you’re taking the medication for,  in the first place!   the cautionary notice  finished with the following line:

“the exact way lunesta works is unknown.”

really?   you want me to put this stuff in my mouth and swallow it and you don’t even know how it works? great.   that ought to inspire a ton of confidence in the product with potential users…

i’m not sure our spiritual experiences are much different.

“come to church…it will make your life better.”

“i can’t explain it,  but my day just goes better when i start off  with prayer.”

“don’t ask me how,  but jesus just makes a difference.”

“i don’t really have any explanations,  but i know what i believe is true.”

great.   those kinds of statements probably inspire potential users about as much as a lunesta pill…


One thought on “Is this what faith is all about?

  1. Going through medic school, it’s funny how many medicines are like that. Scientists don’t know how a ton of medicines work. They just know they work, somehow. And although those I’ve heard those phrases numerous times, I wonder if the side effects of faith keep people away more than anything else…

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