Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   i haven’t been bowling very well lately.   that’s not necessarily a thumbs down for the week… that’s just simply the nature of my bowling.   however, this past tuesday i was rockin’.   i was on my way to my best three-game set ever.   i had bowled a 193 and then a 206.   i was ready to close out strong.   on my way up to bowl the first frame of the final game,  i grabbed brandon’s little bag of chalk and put it on my thumb to create a little slicker release.   the problem was that it was not powder, but stickum…and i proceeded to roll three gutter balls and five frames where i looked like i had never bowled before.   and it only got worse…

2.   the city of lewisville has jacked up holiday at the hall.   no street fair.   no vendors.   no outdoor concerts.   still a parade in the afternoon,  but not worth our time and money to do it again.   we’ll wait and watch and see if it’s worth it for the reindeer to come out of mothballs next year…

3.   we have some real battles going on in the lives of our church family.   sickness and disease and physical trauma is running rampant.   the suffering of loved ones is taking its toll.   the struggle for hope is sometimes eclipsed by the struggle for answers.   sometimes it feels like there is neither.   we know better,  but it is no less a struggle…

4.   how is it that we can miss the point so badly on the meaning of things like worship…and prayer…and the church… and fellowship? we need to do better.

1.   i’ve decided,  after 15 years of living in the great state,  that i am going to become proficient at smoking meat.   i’m already good at eating it…i might as well excel in the process that leads up to it.   i bought a small smoker and gave it a go this week.   it was a success.   can’t wait to have a variety of smoked stuff for thanksgiving this year.

2.   had a great meeting with the brand new,  sunday morning presentation team. it’s going to be awesome.   can’t wait to see how a team of people work together to improve the north point sunday morning experience…

3.   honestly,  i loved every part of our sunday reunion at north point this past sunday.   way to go, reid!   getting to hear about happy horizons, the ministry to trafficked and abused kids in the philippines was amazing…and the opportunity to support it was even better.   a packed house is always good.   new folks in both services.   great music.   and…a  barbecue for the whole church family right after the closing song.   as far as sundays go…well,  let’s just say it would be pretty hard to improve on it.

4.   i’m always blown away when my weekly study,  in preparation for my sermon,  produces completely brand new insights into god’s word.   i’m convinced that if people will study the scriptures…and i mean really study it…god will use it to change even the hardest hearts.

added thumbs up…wanda and i made our first trip the new del taco in denton tonight.   it did not disappoint.   the quesadillas were huge…the green chile sauce on the burritos was just as we remembered…and $1.79 fish tacos were an unexpected surprise.   will definitely be making that drive again sometime soon…


3 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. That’s sad about the Holiday at the Hall. I’ve only been once but it was such a fond memory, dealing with my drunk/loopy/high elf, she was adorable. Okay, drunk is not the appropriate word but for those of you who weren’t there. Ashlee had just come off a tonsillectomy but was adament that she was going to be on the float… therefore very much in pain, but on Vicodin and yeah, she was loopy. I’m not sure she even remembers the day.

    Sorry you’re not bowling well Mike. It’s very frustrating for you I’m sure. I wouldn’t know ANYTHING about it being all non competetive and all like I am 🙂 I think Brandon probably intentionally switched the bag on you.. you know how sneaky he can be 🙂

  2. We secretly went to Del Taco Saturday night. It was packed. We sat outside and enjoyed some Nachos and Tacos. Food was great.

    That’s ok Mike got me back. I think he added some TACKY stuff to the Projector screen.

    I practiced raising the screen before the service. It went perfect. I know I am always trying to find humor. But the last thing I wanted to do was to make the screen hesitate going up. I am 2 for 4 in screen raising.

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