Why are christians so…?

i read about this on another blog today and had to try it for myself.   i did a google search and typed in the line:

“why are christians so…”

here’s the result:


why are christians so…stupid…judgmental…hateful…mean…intolerant…annoying?

am i surprised?   no.   not really.   am i sad?   yeah.   a little.   do i think google searches mean anything?  probably.   do i think it accurately reflects how our current culture views followers of christ?   i’m not sure.

i know it’s how the culture views people who claim to be christians.   i’m wondering if our culture would be any different if it began seeing followers of christ?

i can’t fix culture.   i can’t fix the problems the church creates.   i can only really be responsible for me.   a better google search would be:

why is mike so…?


6 thoughts on “Why are christians so…?

      1. okay friend…you lost me on this one. come back sometime and explain yourself. my mind is not quite as sharp as it used to be. or maybe it was never as sharp as i thought it was…

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