Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   i get steroid shots in both of my knees to keep them bending,  reduce the inflammation and minimize the pain.   i get the shots every four months…and the positive effects of the steroids are supposed to last for 10-12 weeks.   they have officially worn off after seven and a half weeks.   ugh.   it’s going to be a long next eight weeks…

2.   don’t go ballistic on me for this one…but i don’t really look forward to singing christmas songs on sunday mornings during december.   i know it’s the right thing to do.   i know it’s a tradition that many…if not the majority…of people have come to anticipate.   but on this one,  even though the band always does an awesome job leading them,   i’m definitely scroogish…

3.   i’m getting really tired of listening to the national sports media talk trash about the TCU horned frogs and how they’re just not as good as teams from the SEC or the Big 10…or even the Big 12.   i’m sorry,  but the guys that are saying this are just idiots.   TCU belongs.   they can play with anybody in the country.   and i still hope they make it to the bcs championship game.   i love the underdog.

4.   they holidays are great…but they are momentum killers for life at north point.   just killers.

1.   this is the greatest.   the city of lewisville contacted us this past week and asked us if our adult choir would like to sing before the next city council meeting and downtown tree lighting.   i’m not sure our choir robes have been dry-cleaned lately…

(to be fair,  they made the offer to our children’s choir also.   hey angela!  you better get on that…)

2.   the time we spend at our wednesday and thursday morning men’s burrito breakfasts continues to be the highlight of my week.   getting to know each other has been pretty sweet…

3.   new folks continue to come to north point every week! and i mean every week.   i don’t understand it.   i just know that it’s affirming and challenging and very encouraging.

4.   the chargers pounded the denver broncos and the indianapolis colts.   in the same week. the fighting norvel’s are back.   surf’s up,  dudes!


28 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. Lol Scott, that was my reaction too.

    Mike, not sure about the quarterly cortisone shots, but I got the SynVisc last April and have had great results. It’s happy crack to the knees.

    Sorry to all that Ashlee was unable to visit with the church on Sunday. She went back to Lubbock Thursday night 😦 I’m thinking there were some prayers out there for her inadvertently because she had a flat in the middle of nowhere and thankfully the Seymour Sheriff’s department was called. She was a LITTLe nervous.

  2. Christmas music is greatness. As I drive to my office I hear a song that I remember me and my Poppy putting Christmas lights up in the house to. I remember both of us untangling real aluminum tassel.

    I can vaguely remember one of the few times I saw my Poppy lean in and kiss my Granny during Nat King Cole’s “Chestnuts on an open fire”

    When my dad used to pick me up on Christmas day to go to his house, the radio would have my undivided attention. My dad had a few favorite songs he would sing along too.

    When I was in college I used to do “Tuba Christmas” we would goto town square voluntarily, and play for whoever past by. I liked seeing smiles on faces that would enjoy the unique instrumentation.

    I was part of a Methodist church that had a bell choir. Most of the people in the group were novices, but we worked up several songs and showed our work off at a Nursing home. Man, you don’t even want to know what kind of enjoyment the patients and the choir shared.

    These moments were all thanks to Crappy Christmas music.

    Ha! whats funny about Christmas songs is I bet when we roll out “O holy night” there will be more people singing in accord than you will ever hear on any other song during the year.

    That dang Christmas music, bringing people together once again.

    Not singing Christmas music seems like something a small church would do just for a down with “the man” mentality about trying not to be a big church. I am glad we are better than that.

    Yeah and their is no reason to highbrow. Christmas songs are no more or less important than any other Christian or church song. Neither will get you to heaven.

    Why don’t you get together with some peps and go sing carols around your hood. Its funny when mankind progresses, we decide things that bring us together turn super gay.

  3. Man can you imagine the Men’s choir we could put together…. That is one meeting they would not soon forget.

    I’m a Christmas Carol grinch as well. I hear the songs and miss the message. All I can think of are stupid little elves and Charlie Brown. I don’t hate Christmas music. I just hate the hokey stuff that some stiff necked white dude came up with to make himself feel a little more jolly. You are supposed to be celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world. I don’t need to hear about stinking reindeers or darn bells ringing.

    As far as prayers. I’m praying for her just because she had to go back to stinking Lubbock.

  4. I see Christmas music and the act of singing them is the same as watching the Superbowl together, Morning Bueno, World Series, camping, etc. We can blow holes in everything we do as believers.
    I am sure some think that because we don’t even open a bible at Bueno and we go to the same church. We are just wasting our time, that’s not church. I beg to differ.

    Luke, I get what you are saying. Mike should have a blog topic, most hated Christmas song ever…

    Mine is “Christmas Shoes” the one about the kid in line at a store that is buying shoes for his mom on her death bed, even though he has no money…Come On!
    This song makes me want to pull my ears off and feed them to my dog. Sometimes I see how long I can listen to it until I start to throw up in the back of my throat. I think water-board torturer would be less painful.

  5. You can get the biggest group of believers together you want and have them sing “Better Than a Hallelujah” until they are blue in the face. Fact remains when they are finished they will be no closer to God and that song will still be horrendous.

    Christmas Shoes is an absolute beating! If my sons are out buying me a pair of Nike’s when I’m on my death bed I’m going to be PO’d. Why in the world does a dying woman need shoes for crying out loud? She ain’t got no money go get her some stinking food or a pack of cigs.

  6. first, i know i’m getting old because when I first saw “thechurchbassist” i thought it said the church bad a@@. And for a moment I was proud to be a North Pointer :-).

    I did notice the experiential/historical argument. It amazes me how tied we are to music due to an emotional tie either through relationships or memories (I can tell you when the first time I heard “Hotel California” or “Yesterday”). So I don’t want go rag on those memories.

    My memories aren’t so fond as others when it comes to Christmas. Also, I can’t sing very well and all the songs are in a key I couldn’t hit if my life dependent upont it. And finally the goofy language. Who speaks like that?

    Celebrating the birth of our Savior is very cool. But do I need to sing to do it? I prefer eating to celebrate. That’s where my talent lies.

  7. Man. I am changing my email address now. I should have come to u to think of my email name.

    I maybe, no I am the only one that has crazy overthetop view of Christmas music. My family doesnt even get me sometimes. This is for sure just like being a Rangers hater.

    I just have a few things that i don’t rank and file to.

  8. I think a nerve got hit with the Christmas music. I have my favorites, but we never sing them at North Point so I just go hum them in my car because nobody wants to hear me sing.

  9. I’ll give you the Elf version of “Baby Its Cold Outside”. That’s some good stuff.

    I like the traditional stuff its all that Achy Breaky Heart sounding Christmas crap that I don’t like. Christmas doesn’t need to sound like a guy with Ray for his middle name is singing it. It also doesn’t need to sound like something from the Blackeyed Peas. It doesn’t matter how big a bow you put on crap it still stinks.

    You want a Christmas tradition? Watch Christmas Vacation! That’s a tradition. I want to watch Eddie I don’t want to hear him sing Christmas Carols.

  10. See Christmas music is just like any other music. Some people hate it some people love it. It is no different than any other music genres, bluegrass, crap, Dub, techno.

    Music moves people. If you struggle with Christmas music I bet struggle with “YMCA” or “Macrena” at a wedding. Or what ever the Dance song is between husband and wife or Father and Daughter. Or the Hokey-pokey at the skating rink.

    Just like Mike whips us with every month or so. Music is not that important to worship.

    Just because you put God into a song doesn’t make it mystical. Same thing for Christmas music.

  11. Are you kidding me??? Have you ever seen the Yankees field crew do the YMCA? Now that is mystical!

    Dude I will pay for you to go skating just to watch you do the Hokey-Pokey on skates.

  12. brandon-the song is Butterfly Kisses.

    I agree with Luke – I prefer the traditional versions of the songs. But like 99% of things in life it’s about taste. some people just don’t posses any 🙂 and it’s annoying to those of us who do 😉

    1. Channing, I thought you were saying I got “Christmas shoes” title wrong and the name was supposed to be the “butterfly kiss song”. I understand my misunderstanding now

      “Butterfly Kiss” song. Let see, where do I begin. This is utterly the worst song ever written in human existence.
      you would be better of dancing to “I want your Sex”G.M. than to this song. You know the puke that comes up after puke? That’s what this song is..

  13. There is that Dancing with Cinderella song that equally makes you want to punch yourself in the face.

    Why do people dance at weddings? It just makes all the other people at the wedding feel awkward. Really what are we supposed to do? Just stand there and watching you dance? Really? Didn’t you already get enough attention standing up there reciting a bunch of junk you didn’t pay attention to anyway? Just get to the stinking cake already! That’s the only reason we are still there. Well that and our wife’s made us stay.

  14. boy has this thread gone off the tracks LOL.

    Steamroller only should be sung by James Taylor and even then it’s no great shakes.

    @Luke-I can see you are very popular with the ladies 😉

    1. Taylor singing blues is greatness! Almost out of place vocally. The last 10 sec. Caught me off guard with the fam in the car.

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