Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   dark,  dark  day for the san diego homies.   chargers laid an egg against satan’s team.   the only thing worse than losing…is losing to the raiders.   ugh.   also,  the padres are saying good-bye to their best player,  adrian gonzo.   yo,  adrian!   going to boston for a stinking $167 mil  instead of staying with the little friars for $6 mil…what are you thinking,  dude?

2.   i made a list of all the things that need to be fixed or improved in and around my house.   it’s a long list.   a really long list.

3.   definitely not topless jeep driving weather these days.

4.   i was surprised at how disappointed i was that the old town holiday at the hall street fair is a thing of the past.   those were great years and a great way of being part of our neighborhood.   an even bigger disappointment that the reindeer were sleeping through the parade…

1.   in spite of my disappointment that it is too cold for topless jeep driving  (the jeep,  not me…),  i’m lovin’ the cold weather.   covering up with blankets and wearing a hoodie to watch television in my living room is what winter in the farracrib is all about.   the mini space heater comes out this week…

2.   i know that sometimes it’s difficult to deal with,  but i love preaching about our relationship to money.   it’s volatile…confrontive…uncomfortable…and absolutely necessary.   i would preach on it all the time,  if i could get away with it.

3.   auburn verses oregon.   in spite of my hatred of the money-grubbing,  arrogant nazi’s that control the BCS,  i have to admit that the two best teams are playing on the biggest stage for all the marbles.   can’t wait to watch it.

4.   north point full-house sunday is january 9.   last year it was a great day.   this year,  it will be even greater.   mark your calendar.   get rid of your excuses.   put your travel plans on hold.   leave no man behind.


3 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. Thought immediately of you when I saw the highlights of that first 7 points. Knew you weren’t going to be a happy camper/abbott/pastor/reverance/person 🙂

  2. that would be reverend for people that could spell, which doesn’t seem to be my strong point today. I’m going to blame the medicine.

  3. bummer about the SD sports teams. hopefully the pitcher they picked up will alleviate the pain.

    good message on cash, coin, cabbage, etc. toughest thing for me to hear and the most challenging but i must admit i would put the topic of “intimacy” above money….both demonstrate our commitment to be changed.

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