More Christmas cheer…

if you are starting to feel dark or empty during this season…

if shopping is not doing it for you…

if 24/7 christmas carols are not filling your little heart with fuzzies…

this will surely give you more than what you need:   christmas nativities.

here’s the link:  top 20 worst nativity sets

here’s a couple of pics to whet your whistles…no pun intended:

“Butter Nativity”

“Meat Nativity”

…don’t you just love christmas?   gives new meaning to “pig in a blanket”,  doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “More Christmas cheer…

  1. Well you can’t deny people have some creativity. The Jesus topper made me think of a cross between GI Joe and Ken but they stole Barbie’s hair. UGH.

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