Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   after all the christmas music chatter over the past couple of weeks,  we finally got to sing the one christmas song that is really worth singing together as part of our family service on a sunday morning.   as we were singing o holy night, i was totally struck by the lyrics of the second verse:   “chains shall he break,  for the slave is our brother…and in his name all oppression shall cease.”

it crushes my spirit to realize that the church is still full of racism (…tho relatively quiet )  and that our lifestyles of freedom and entitlement continue to oppress.   and we just don’t see it.

2.   this week,  i’ve got to go to the doctor and get my yearly old man physical…that i haven’t been getting yearly.   hope there’s not a more serious reason i’ve been feeling crappy lately.    it’s easy to simply blame it all on age,  arthritis,  and late onset ADD…

3.   another year…another season being shut out of the playoffs in my fantasy football league.   i’ve got to figure this out or i’m going to get fired as the GM.

4.   i heard a really encouraging news report of a family that is getting back on track after the BP oil spill back in april.   while listening to it,  i realized that i had completely forgotten about it.   i’m sure the people living that nightmare never forget.   shame on me.

1.   i can’t say this enough:   it is such an honor to be part of a church family that is participating in the advent conspiracy. to be able to stand up in front and encourage people to spend less and give more during the christmas season (and the rest of the year,  as well) is inspiring and  challenging.   can’t imagine being a leader anywhere else than north point…

2.   speaking of north point,  another thing that inspires me is to be part of a group of people who continually use the bible (specifically the words of jesus) as the measuring stick of success…and not the trappings of expansion.   it is both refreshing and humbling.

3.   realization: i have more real friends than i have ever had in my life.   more people who see me for who i really am…and accept me for it.   more people who have my back.   more people who share a similar philosophy of life and discipleship.   more people who i know would lay down their life for me.   i am truly blown away by the privilege of sharing life with so many genuine,  godly and loyal friends.

4.   i’m pretty stoked that i now have a way to link my blog to facebook  (thanks, logan!).   i’ve already connected with some old friends.   very cool.

5 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. I’m so glad, that you’re linked to facebook. (I’m still trying to figure out how to do that myself.) I’ve enjoyed reading it! I just wish I wasn’t up so early to read it today!!

    Oh Holy Night, is one of my favorite songs…ever. It always stirs me. Glad to know what’s going on, in your world!

  2. I am also inspired by this song but for something different… “Fall on your knees, oh hear the Angel voices”. This song reminds me that now, and any other time, we should be down on our knees praying, and we should be listening for the leading of God. Thanks Mike, for keeping us inspired, informed, and challenged. I appreciate your leadership.

  3. Yes, we have forgotten quickly devastations like BP . Yes, shame on us. The world is right right now because the biggest news is not about our brother, but about a troll who is going to be in the ball that drops on New Years.

  4. No problem Mike. I’ve got your back… digitally and otherwise.

    And O Holy Night is the best Christmas song ever. Maybe one of the greatest songs ever.

  5. Love the new location for the clock. I got a giggle out of you having to choose another seat because it was in the one you wanted to sit in.

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