thanks to channing for pointing me to the following quote by general eric shinseki,  the retired US army chief of staff:

You must love those you lead before you can be an effective leader.  You can certainly command without that sense of commitment,  but you cannot lead without it.

you can command others without loving them.   you cannot effectively lead others without truly loving them.   once again,  love is the greatest.


4 thoughts on “Clueless…addendum

  1. I think this explains why I have never been very comfortable with the idea of being a “leader.” In my head, the word has bad connotations. I have plenty of great examples, but I guess the bad ones (the commanding) ones linger and color my definition. Time to rewrite the definition.

    1. Rethinking a little. The good examples of leadership helped me redefine it already. This post just struck a nerve. Rule by intimidation does a lot of damage.

  2. So does it really matter how the mystery leader leads?
    There are plenty examples of good leaders. Unfortunately, there is no end to the list of bad.

    Are the people under this person’s dictatorship doing what God has instructed in their lives? By staying where they are, are the pawns not being blessed? If they move on will they not still be blessed?

    I have been apart of some pure greatness at a few churches.
    churches with 1000+ and church with 20 counting the crack-baby.

    AFTER I have brought my problem to the table and aired it out, I have decision to make. If my leadership is failing me, I am going to move on. And if I am wrong, God will take it up with me for leaving.

    I may have a thankless paid job, but I expect much more out of me and my leaders in Jesus and Co.

    There is way too much God work to be done. I can’t let a bad leader get in our way.

    1. uugghh… I hate there is no edit button..

      I meant to say…After I have brought my question in leadership or lack of leadership….

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