Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

1.   sheesh.   wanda had the entire week off after christmas.    i had more flexibility and down time than most any other week in the year.    we could have done just about anything we wanted.   so what happened?   wanda got sick…again.   the upside?   she’s still pretty cute sleeping in the loveseat recliner next to me.

2.   the christmas decorations are not down and back in the attic yet.   enough said.

3.   the chargers.   they have tested my patience.   they have challenged my laid-back loyalty.   they are an after-thought in football power rankings.   i’m afraid i may have to get on the fire norv bandwagon. it’s just a sad day for the fighting norvals.

4.   this is definitely the low point of the week:   our local baja fresh has closed it’s doors.   i’m crushed.   it was my dependable location for a cheap journey back to the farra homeland.   a quick trip down to las colinas for a fish taco was always at my fingertips.   gone.   stinking baja fresh.

1.   the holidays are officially over!   yes.   life can get back to normal…people come back… momentum can be resurrected…the new year gets rolling.   this is a great time.

2.   tcu rocks wisconsin in the rose bowl.   watching it,  i was proud to be from texas.   huge win for little sisters of the poor everywhere.   death to the BCS.

3.   in spite of my whining about the holidays,  we’ve had some great sundays at north point the past couple of weeks.   good attendance.   great offerings.   new people.   nice group to call “family”.

4.   north point advent conspiracy money is up over $17,000!   just by refusing to spend so much on presents for ourselves.   it totally blows me away that we are part of a movement that is challenging what we all believe about christmas…about greed…about values…about worship…about the poor…and mostly about the life of jesus that we say influences our behavior.   pretty cool to be able to say it’s happening.


4 thoughts on “Going off-road…the weekly 4×4

  1. I know I said I officially HATE Christmas music based on the barrage of songs at the CES, but I found myself listening to “Silent Night” one last time at 11:45pm on Jan 1. My Christmas spirit was restored. I can now wait happily for “Joy to the world” to start again next year, two days before Halloween.

  2. Yeah I can’t believe no comment about Nick. Sorry Wanda’s sick again. I feel for her. That stuff hangs and hangs. .. and hangs…

  3. What..Nick Jonas I am crushed.(well my Daughter is, and actually would have been cool for me. Don’t tell anyone!)Life is Good.

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