Marriage Tuesday

a couple of  months ago,  the cover story of Time magazine was titled,  “who needs marriage?  a changing institution” …and it shared the results of a new pew research center study on how,  as a nation,  our attitudes toward marriage have changed over the past fifty years.

the author made the following statement:

“When an institution so central to human experience suddenly changes shape in the space of a generation or two,  it’s worth trying to figure out why… what we found is that marriage,  whatever its social,  spiritual,  or symbolic appeal,  is in purely practical terms just not as necessary as it used to be.”

and the article backs up that statement.   i’m not going to summarize the article  or the study for you.   you should read them for yourself.

i’m not one to get overly uptight about statistical findings or alarmed by analysis of trends,  but some of the realities painted in the articles deeply sadden me.

and make me ask the question:  does your marriage serve a greater purpose?   do you see your marriage as necessary?

and if you see your marriage as necessary, what is it necessary for?   is marriage part of a bigger picture…a grander plan…than just your personal happiness or creation of your own personal family unit?

practically speaking,  is your marriage communicating something?   does your marriage carry a responsibility for the greater good?   do you sense that your marriage is connected to a larger picture than simply what you get out of it?

maybe it’s time we start seeing our lives and our marriages and our schedules and our money and our possessions and our families…our entire existence…as part of something with a more timeless significance.


5 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. Simple and plain…..COMMITMENT……How can you really be tied to a relationship without commitment? If you don’t have that, it’s too simple to pick up and leave. I can say all day long I’ll stay around, but if my fingers are crossed behind my back, there is nothing to keep me around if I change my mind. The marriage for me is a commitment to stay, no matter what. No crossed fingers….We’re becoming a convenience based society in way too many areas. We have to make sure our kids understand how important commitments are to the foundation of our families and our nation.

  2. You realize you want to be married when you can communicate to your spouse and not mention:
    TV shows
    I think mike has already mentioned something like this in his blog.
    This type of convo can be as good as the Marriage Mambo. That’s what makes me wanting more out of my License.

  3. Not to be too spiritual but I’ve always seen the purpose of marriage to demonstrate God’s grace to the world. In a marriage, one must be willing to live for the benefit of another without expecting anything in return. And as Paul states, it gives insight between the relationship of the Church and Christ.
    I’ve always been disappointed to hear Christian state the purpose of marriage is pro-creation. I don’t remember God saying woman was created for pro-creation – but for man so he wouldn’t be lonely (and to remind him to put down the toliet seat :-)).
    All I know is I would be less than whole without Nicole – so maybe the purpose of marriage is to make us whole…

  4. Pro-creation?
    I would honestly laugh out loud if one of my friends or family member said that they are getting married to Pro-create. I am snickering now just typing it out.

    I keep having this “Footloose” image.

    Where is Kevin Bacon when you need him.

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