what do you do when you are unjustly accused?

what do you do when people don’t like you or don’t respect you…and it’s based on wrong assumptions or misinformation about you or your actions?

what do you do when your motives are called into question…by people who really don’t know your motives or intentions at all?

what do you say to yourself  (or others) when a false statement or report about you is being passed around…and you are powerless to stop the flow or the fallout?

you know,  there are some people who can let that kind stuff roll off their back with a nonchalant “whatever”. there are others  (like yours truly)  who run the risk of obsessing over the whole event.

truth is,  i care about what people think.   i care about my reputation.   i care deeply about the truth and that i am accurately portrayed.   i care that my life makes a difference and my integrity is above reproach.   i’m not perfect.   i will freely admit to mistakes and sins and lapses in judgment and poor decisions.   i’m not afraid of that.

but when i’m accused of those transgressions unfairly, my confidence is always undermined and my spirit is always wounded.

hey.   i’ll say it again.   i’m not perfect.

over the years,  though,  it has gotten better.   waaaaaaay better.   in fact,  i’m usually able to take most of those injustices in stride pretty easily anymore…

we live in a fallen world.   one of the absolute certainties of living in imperfection is injustice.   it’s why we cultivate deep,  healthy relationships with as many people as we can handle.   real friends will give you the benefit of the doubt.   real friends will believe the best in you until it is absolutely proven otherwise.

and then they’ll come directly to you with their concerns.

real friends won’t walk out of your life because they have concluded they know your motives and actions and deemed you unworthy of their friendship.   real friends don’t make assumptions.   real friends talk and listen and reserve judgment.

i hope you are building friendships like that.

i hope you are becoming that kind of friend to as many as possible.


4 thoughts on “Injustice

  1. Are you speaking to me? 🙂 It sure speaks to my heart right about now .. I find this post very helpful and I feel so much better to see my similar thoughts written out. Thank you, very great and God bless!

  2. Mike, I am right there with you on this one..

    It seems like good “Friends” are really hard to come by these days. We live in a world where people are so quick to hide who they really are.. or are quick to judge when they themselves are guilty of the very thing that they accuse you of. I have made a point in my life to rid myself of these so called friends. I want true friends who don’t care about “hurting my feelings” when it comes to the important stuff. These friends are with you through thick and thin. They pray for you and with you.

    These are the types of friends in my life. Again, really hard to find.

  3. You know what my situation was…it seems like those I called friends and trusted as such at my old employer turned on me and ran with whatever story they wanted. And no one bothered yo get the truth. But my real friends, knew me and my heart and stood with me. That’s how o know who true friends are. And if there are those out there who think they’re going through similar situations, find me sometime and we can talk about it and ill share my story and how, after that, you can get through anything!


  4. I went through this with a former boss. He was new, accused me of stuff. Went through the whole HR bit, HR guy went with management… until multiple people started telling of this guys lies about them or other stuff he had done. I was close to being fired and I hadn’t done anything wrong. Nothing like that when your husband is out of work and I had been there two years already and had to reprove myself because at first they believed the four month guy. It was a very difficult time in our lives. and then Ashlee had her tuition issues. Yeah I wouldn’t want to relive that year.

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