Yeah…we hung with Nick Jonas and the “other” brothers

unbelievable!  there are actually people who question my integrity.   sheesh.

here’s the picture that proves it…and the story behind it.

pictured:  kippa jonas,  nick jonas,  parker jonas

here you go:   there was a group of about thirty of us that were doing our annual new years eve bowling bash at the local lewisville AMF lanes.   we divide up and start rolling…and much to our amazement,  we look up and in the lanes closest to our group was none other than nick jonas…in the flesh.

word has it that he has a house right down the street in bridlewood  (unconfirmed).   we do know for sure that he lives locally…and he was just hanging with a bunch of friends,  bowling,  and graciously signing autographs and getting his picture taken a few dozen times.

for the record,  he was always kind and accommodating.   pretty cool.

later in the evening,  his older brother,  kippa jonas  (an aspiring politician and the band’s legal counsel)  and their long-lost adopted brother,  parker jonas  showed up at the bowling alley also.

when we tried to get the other brother’s autographs,  kippa jonas  said something about  “contractual liabilities”  as he was leaving to get in his limo.

all parker jonas kept saying was  “yo no hablo ingles”…

6 thoughts on “Yeah…we hung with Nick Jonas and the “other” brothers

  1. Well.. I got to help him change his games. 🙂
    Parker Jonas.. yeah, I thought I had seen him earlier in the evening… hmmm, go figure.

  2. Cuando jugamos a indios y vaqueros yo siempre fui el atado.

    Mi hermano Kippa Jonas que es mucho, mas mayor, siempre se perdia cuando llegaba el momento de cortar la llarda.

    Por alguna razón, yo siempre tenia que desmontar mi “big wheel” antes de entrar a nuestra casa.

    Esta era la vida en la casa de los Jonas.

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