I really wish this wasn’t true

i read a blogger named vince pretty regularly.   he’s a church planter and author and one of the most inspiring and motivating guys i read.   i hope i get to meet him someday and have the chance to tell him how much his life and writings mean to me from a distance.

i know one of his friends…fletch…who’s an awesome guy.   just being around fletch is inspiring.   i wish he and i were able to do life and ministry together.   i would be better for it.   for the time being,  we have a sandwich at whataburger every now and then and catch up.   it’s time for that burger…

i’m a pretty fortunate guy.

back to vince.   today,  he wrote about living and doing kingdom work in las vegas,  where he planted a church a couple of years ago.   here’s a portion of what he wrote:

So I started writing a book about my experiences in Vegas,  and it was turned down by Christian publishers.  I was told that Christians prefer to pretend Las Vegas doesn’t exist,  and don’t want to think about it.

One of the things we miss in Vegas is Chick-fil-a.  It’s a Christian-owned restaurant franchise (they aren’t open on Sundays so employees can attend church).   My wife loves their chicken sandwiches and ice tea.   There are Chick-fil-a’s everywhere,  but not in Vegas.  On a recent trip to California we stopped in one,  and my wife asked the manager why there were none in Vegas.   His answer,  “Putting a Chick-fil-a in Las Vegas would go against our company’s core values.”

Well … the reason I moved to Vegas is the same reason most Christians ignore it,  and Chick-fil-a refuses to come here.  It’s because it’s Sin City.  It’s because light shines best in the darkness.   And … thank God Jesus didn’t have the same attitude as most Christians and Chick-fil-a or else He never would have come to Earth for us.

now i’ll confess.   i like chick-fil-a,  also.   and i have also admired their unapologetic conviction to close on sundays and the christian principles that flow down from their founder.   i’m even okay with playing “christian” music in their stores  ( tho i wish they would pick better songs…).   there is no doubt in my mind that chick-fil-a has a ton of admirable qualities in both it’s structure and purpose.

but i’m with vince on this one.   refusing to put one of it’s stores in las vegas because it goes against the company’s core values? really?  please…

hey…this is america.   it’s their right and privilege to do anything they want to do.   it’s their company.   they can refuse to put their stores however they chose and for whatever reasons they deem important.   this is a free country.

but really…how did christians wander so far away from the example of the life of jesus?   when did his core values get redefined?

this story just makes me incredibly sad.


11 thoughts on “I really wish this wasn’t true

  1. Hey Mike, Thanks for sharing. I know you know this already, Rick Johnson has a couple of chick-fil-a’s in Indiana. He has been very successful at it. I think Rick would be interested in your perspective and I think he could shape a direction change. Vegas ought to have a chick-fil-a–so should Visalia. They have something against cities which begin with “V”. God’s absolute best to you brother, Scott

  2. How else to reach out to sinners than to be in the midst of them? If Jesus hadn’t gone to the midst of the sinners and made his sacrifices, where would we be now?

  3. If I did a search on “chik fil A vegas”(may not a top search but would show up) this blog would come up. And from my view on the bottom, I see one Christian dogging another.

    You put this anti-Vegas article in conjunction with other blogs with the same theme,

    “Let’s bash Chik fil A for not accommodating my views”

    This is what makes me sad.

    You can do a search for the list of the things Chick fil A has a phobia for. It’s a long one. Can you believe there are people actually boycotting a fastfood restaurant? Really, that’s what you want to do with your life? You want to bring to light how a fast food chain stinks in accommodating ALL of their patrons. To bring it down a notch, to blog on an issue just seems lame. Bringing this to light just seems as dumb as the whole saying “Merry Christmas” issue.

    The last time I was in CFA I just wanted a sandwhich, I didn’t think that the Ice tea I was going to drink was going towards saving a sinner.

    Sometimes I hate blogs.

  4. I live in Las Vegas because my husband is in the military and we are stationed here. Not all people who live in vegas are sinners, and it is usually those who are just visiting that get into the most trouble. I am a proud Christian but love being in this area. I think the founders of Chick-Fil-A should realize that someone can live in Las Vegas and be a proud Christian and not live a life of sin!

  5. Jesus did not call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. That is why I am in Las Vegas attending Canyon Ridge Christian Church as a youth minister, coaching Little League with 12 great kids, and giving my light every opportunity to shine. I cannot count the hairs on my head and I do not want to because the Lord has put me here to shine. So I will. 🙂
    As for the folks at Chick Fil A, come on in folks -the water is fine! 🙂

  6. I really wish there was a chick fil a in Vegas but I can understand why they dont have it because of bad stuff going on…im just sad about it because I’m from Texas and they have chick fil as there but not here 😦

  7. I Love Chick-fil-A and live in Las Vegas. I know that most of the biggest sinners live else where and visit Vegas to sin. Everyone knows there are polar opposites in everything. Good and bad, Hot and cold, Black and White, High and Low, North and South. Las Vegas is no different. It makes me sad to think the owner of Chick-Fil-A does not see that for as many people that sin here there are just as many that do not and are good people and do not get caught up in the Strip. Come into the community outside the NEON to see the Real Light! God Bless You! 🙂

  8. I don’t know when it opened, but I can assure you there is a Chick-Fil-A in Las Vegas. Drive past it every day. Centennial shopping center at Ann/95. And for some reason, it’s not on their website.

  9. There is a strange pattern of judgement flowing all over the place. I’m not certain how a comment from a single manager of a chick fil a has any merit on the reasons why the franchise does not have a presence in Vegas yet. We are assuming. We are speculating. We are gossiping. In all honesty, I think every person who loves the Lord and wants to do His will should sit back and think before they speak. We are being judged by our own behavior, what examples are we setting when we attack our own brothers and sisters? Are we setting an example that will bring others to Christ? Sadly, a lot of the time, the answer would be no. Once upon a time, it was the pure love for others that brought people in to the church, and the love of Jesus kept them there. But these days? And now look: there is indeed a Chick fil A in Las Vegas. Imagine that. All the uproar over nothing.

  10. Well, of course there is one in the wealthy side of Las Vegas! There used to be one in the UNLV Student Center. I ate there once after moving here in 1997 or 1998. It was removed soon after that. I emailed Chick-Fil-A and got the same answer. Essentially, Sin City is not the venue for our values. So, I say. Imagine that! There’s one in Vegas but it’s in a rich part of town! How Christian of them!

  11. If they won’t open a store in Las Vegas then perhaps Chick-fil-A should also greet you with, “Welcome to Chick-fil-A…have u been saved by our Lord Jesus Christ?” If the reply is no, refuse service and chicken sandwiches because that patron isn’t in harmony with their core values! Perhaps only serve chicken sammiches to Christian followers too! Lol this actually goes against the core Christian Values people! We’re taught to lead those in darkness! Holy Cow! Pardon the Pun.

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