Marriage Tuesday

think about it.

your car pulls really bad to the left.   you go to a mechanic and get a front end alignment.

you’re ahead of every pitch and hitting off your front foot.   you get to a batting coach and work on your timing.

your plumbing is backed up and flooding the bathroom floor.   you get a plumber.   quick.

your child can’t read because of severe dyslexia issues.   you locate a reading specialist and develop a plan.

you’re deeply in debt and sinking fast.   you consult a financial advisor

you explode your achilles tendon playing racquetball. you find a competent orthopedic surgeon and let him cut.

this all makes perfect sense.   but here’s what doesn’t…

you and your wife are fighting all the time.   so you fake it around your friends and hope they don’t  find out.

your sex life is unfulfilling.   you try to ignore the problem and keep it a secret from your spouse.

your marriage feels empty…like you’re just going through the motions.   you don’t tell anyone because you don’t want to be embarrassed.

communication in your marriage stinks.   so you resign yourself to shallow conversation,  explosions of anger,  or regular silent treatments.

you are flirting with someone other than your spouse.    and you don’t stop because you have no accountability.

you think about separation or divorce.   …but you don’t tell anybody because you don’t want to hear the truth.

why is it that getting help for our problems is okay in baseball,  money,  and sewage…but is so easily avoided when it comes to our marriages?

if there’s something wrong in your marriage,  get some help.   now.   don’t wait any longer.   stop treating your sewer pipes with more care and concern than you do your marriage relationship.


One thought on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. Here’s a resounding amen! The best growth in our almost 20 years of marriage have been during times where we were challenged by Godly counsel. There is no shame in seeking out assistance even when things seems “OK”. Even marriage malaise can be a good reason to sit down with a third party and take stock at where you’re at. We still laugh at some of the funny things we learned through marriage counseling; like when I “lean in” I think I am demonstrating empathy and good listening skills, but Channing thinks I am hostile and ready to pounce on him. Who knew? That one took us 10 years to figure out!

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