Things happen

in spite of the warnings of impending doom due to the effects of  the north texas snowmageddon,  wanda and i went out for a jeep drive today.   i’ve never seen sheets of ice across the roadways like this before.   it was treacherous.   it was amazing.   i’m know people up north are used to this kind of weather,  but i’m pretty sure they have 2-3″ of snow on top of their ice.

this was like driving across hockey rinks.    with no sand.   no salt.   no plows.   just goofy north texas drivers who think that stepping on their accelerators or slamming on their brakes seem like good ideas.   whatever.   at least it makes for great entertainment.

while driving down towards fort worth,  we passed the time listening to my favorite sports talk show host,  the great randy galloway.   obviously,  the topic was the superbowl here in the metroplex…and the devastating and unplanned-for effects of snowmageddon on the expected economic windfall for the area.

on the surface,  it’s kind of funny…especially if you’re a cynic and don’t like football…or dallas…or the cowboys…or jerruh…or wealthy, pampered, entitled professional athletes.   by there’s more to the story.   way more.

around the area,  there are tons of business…of all kinds…that have been anticipating this week for months and months,  hoping to have enough sales to make up for slow…or nearly non-existent…sales over the past year.   these are people with children and rent and unpaid bills and cars in desperate need of repair.

and i’m not just thinking about business owners and managers.   i think about all the single-mom waitresses who were counting on overtime and big tips.   and about all the minimum wage busboys and dishwashers.   and cab drivers and parking lot attendants and sales clerks and janitors…and all the other people who were counting on extra work this week.

and all they’ve gotten was closed or nearly empty places of employment.   it’s a small story,  but one that didn’t escape me today.

so here’s a reality check.   things happen.

there is so much of life that is completely out of our control.   we plan for things to go well.   we rock along expecting things to go as we have planned.   and then it happens.

it could be a snow storm that brings your plans to a halt.   or it could be a tragedy that brings you to your knees.

are you ready?


6 thoughts on “Things happen

  1. Galloway rocks! He represents all things good and bad about Dallas sports….my favorite terms? Romosexual and Red Jesus.

    As for the meat of the blog – this is why we need to trust Christ all the more.

  2. For real sports I listened to Gallaway for three years when I first moved here. Then once I realized the lunacy of the cowboys, there is no reason to take it seriously and moved to the ticket.

    As far as the big game. Yes there is a lot of hurt with the absence of people.
    In my opinion. Dallas always seems like we are setup to serve ourselves. Yes, Dallas is among the best at shopping and eating, but to just hang out? Nah I don’t even want to. Most of the interviews I heard and it may be just a coincidence, say they want to see what Jerry built. To see how much you have to spend to get what u want. Not the beauty of an ocean or the peacefulness of the dessert. Even in a few years when the game is in the big apple, a cultural epicenter. These seem to make a better back drops. Weird that all my life, I always visited Austin, San Antonio, corpus. I never had a reason to visit Dallas. Now a live here. Or at least a tentacle of it.

  3. Love Galloway. He’s great amusement to my day. Ready.. for another layoff or job loss, no. and the sad part is we knew it was coming, but couldn’t prepare because we were too busy trying to fix the last one. Oh well.

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