Third best?

it was an interesting discussion.

i’ve been listening to the dan patrick show a lot the past few weeks.   way funny.   irreverent.   politically incorrect.   nobody is safe.   i really like it.

today,  dan and the danettes  (his studio team) threw out a question to the national audience that has had me thinking:

if tom brady and peyton manning are the two best quarterbacks in pro football,  who’s number three?

begrudgingly,  i think i have to agree with the assessment of brady and manning being the two best.   i really don’t like the patriots.   at all.   and brady is such a pretty boy.   and peyton?   too mechanical.   too polished.   too nervous in the pocket.   but they are both money.   and over the years,  they have consistently showed greatness…in leadership…in production…in crunch time…in adversity.

yeah,  they are the two best.   dang.

i realize there are more than a few people who would fall asleep in the middle of this debate,  but it caught my attention.   they listed the following QBs as the potential candidates for the coveted number three position:

  • drew brees,  new orleans
  • aaron rodgers,  green bay packers
  • phillip rivers,  san diego chargers
  • ben roethlisberger,  pittsburg steelers
  • mike vick,  philadephia eagles

conspicuously missing from their list:

  • eli manning  (superbowl win was a fluke)
  • tony romo   (would you really want him in “crunch” time?)

others are simply too young,  too old,  or too erratic.

so who do you think is number three?

me?   my socal sensibilities are being tested…i’m such a homer.


18 thoughts on “Third best?

  1. Try watching the show on FSN in the mornings, makes for an interesting look at how big time sports radio/TV is made…
    Didn’t like the question, thought it was more about how people felt about the clubs overall, not just the QB, that’s why Rodgers ran away with it this morning.
    Are we all sure that with same offense and defense players that Brady and P. Manning would be 1-2?
    Plus, no love for Matt Ryan this morning… It’s clear “McLovin” forget about Matty Ice and was more focused on Photoshop with the little girl in the Steelers Cheerleader uniform…

  2. How about the fact that Aaron Rodgers has a ring to go with The “Great” and highly over rated Payton Manning. Brett Favre has one. TRENT DILFER HAS ONE. BRAD JOHNSON HAS ONE. I sound like a Homer, but in a big game, give me Aikman in his prime.

  3. And Manning and Brady had better look over their shoulders because 2 qbs who are gonna catch them could be Sam Bradford and Josh Freeman

  4. I have heard my reasons for not liking Payton are silly. Good to know I am not the only one.
    He’s my Dallas Mavericks of football. I always watch to see them lose.

    I have a weird attraction to Tom Brady and the Patriots. Something about not being picked first in the draft to take your team to the promised land makes me watch.

    This year I’ll pick brees. Ask me again next year for someone else.

  5. Wow, the Peyton hate is so great, you guys can’t even spell his name right. I think Matt Ryan is not hated, might still be in the young category, I do like him.

    But my number 1 is Drew Brees. I would take him in crunch time any day. Eli is overrated, Tony never in a crunch, not the way he has been playing. and I think Tommy boy is getting past his prime. I gave him kudos of being the low draft pick great one, but he’s losing his touch. I would have given Big Ben a nod a couple of years ago, but watching him lately, NAH.

  6. Rating QB’s is tough. Some QB are system QB’s and wouldn’t be successful on a different team – which is what seperates Manning and Brady (Brandon, you put Manning on Brady’s Patriots and he would win the same # of SB’s).
    I like Brees accuracy and he wins without any real star receivers just like Brady. So he’s number 3. The rest of the QB’s are all flawed or play on teams whose OL sucks or WR’s are prima donnas.

  7. think of this dream team. Quincy Carter, bkup QB, Mike vick QB, Passing to Burris, defense Ray lewis.

    It’s good baseball has had roid issues for the last few years, otherwise the NFL would have an abundant image problem. We love as a whole looking away, for now.

    Please excuse my typing, I am remote DTing from home to my office computer. too lazy to move the mouse.

  8. Channing, you realize you, Mike and I are the only ones who can talk openly. Let’s make a campfire and talk about our feelings. No hugging though. I can go only so far…

  9. Luke, you were going to me the musical guest. Remember? You, me and a pair of kazoos were going to take the Better Than A Hallelujah challenge.

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