the great north texas super bowl debacle just keeps getting worse.

if you haven’t been keeping track of all the mess,  sorry.   i’m not going to relive it here.   but today brought a nice you-gotta-be-kidding-me moment.

if you remember,  about 1,250 fans were displaced after some temporary seating sections were not completed in time for the big game.   other seating was found for 850 fans,  but 400 were forced to watch the game on monitors or use standing-room platforms.

hey…look,  it was a bad deal.   a really bad deal.   a huge disappointment.   uncomfortable.   scary.   unfair.   unjust.   a horrible memory.   you can read about it here,  if you want.

the 850 fans who were placed in new seats…some got better seats,  some worse.   the 400 fans who had no seats at all,  have been offered $2400 each     ( 3x the face-value of the tickets ) or they can have an all-expense paid trip to any super bowl  of their choice in the future…by the national football league.

so what did nearly 1000 of those people do today?   they hired a law firm to sue the nfl.   it’s what we do in america.

Approximately 1,000 fans sued the NFL, the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones on Wednesday saying they were deceived by not getting seats or received inadequate seats. The federal lawsuit, filed in Dallas, alleges breach of contract, fraud and deceptive sales practices.

“We think that this is a pretty straightforward matter,” said Michael Avenatti of Eagan Avenatti, which is representing the fans, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “People did not obtain what they were told they were going to get.”

The lawsuit seeks $5 million in actual damages for the plaintiffs — but that number can be tripled under the state’s trade law — and unspecified punitive damages, according to Bloomberg.

wow.   $15 mil.   $150,000 per person.

i know this is a complicated issue.   i know the nfl is a mega-billion dollar enterprise…run by obscenely wealthy owners…and played by many who will make more in one season than i will make in my lifetime.    they certainly have the $15mil to spare.   and you would never find me in the line of their supporters.

i also realize that this mess didn’t happen to me.   had i been one of those people who paid big money for an experience of a lifetime,  i’m sure my feelings would still be raw and my disappointment and frustration would still be incredibly deep.   i would be the first one to demand fair compensation.

but noooo.   that is not enough for these folks.   the wrong doesn’t simply need to be “righted”.   it needs to be punished.   and the plaintiffs need to reap the spoils.   apparently,  this will be the only way these people will ever be able to go on with their lives.

and this is america,  for crying out loud.   not only is our pursuit of personal happiness a cherished right,  but so is our need for justice.   when i am wronged,  somebody needs to pay.   big.   don’t mess with my plans.   don’t jack with my contentment.   don’t disrupt my perfect life.   if you do,  heads will roll.

sure glad jesus didn’t view his life that way.

crappy seats at the super bowl would be the least of our worries.


4 thoughts on “Really?

  1. I had those same thoughts yesterday listening to a Denver talk radio station’s discussion between the hosts and their callers. But (dang it!) the HS forced me to think further about it today. I told myself I’m so far removed from the kind of money we’re talking about, that it’s hard to sympathize with the “injured” parties. Then. . .I had to consider my own pettiness about my house, my situation, my, my, my–well, you get it. How would a woman trying to survive in Haiti look at MY trials? Or even the young men who put a roof on my house two weeks ago, looking at the selling price on the realtor’s brochures in my yard. I hope the national debate over this becomes more than rhetoric, and that at least a few people will see what you’re talking about and a few more will be humbled by our own paltry grievances. I think I’ll go read the last chapter of Job.

  2. This is definitely a sad state of affairs for football, our country in general. But… I think unfortunately a lot of it was brought on because of WHO the owner of Jerry World I mean Cowboy stadium is. Unfortunately he won’t SHUT UP, won’t get out of the limelight and his little ego trip to have the most attendance is now costing him and people want to see him pay. Yes I know the NFL took over the stadium in January, but you have to believe he had a little to do with this. and… you don’t sell what you don’t got… and they didn’t have.. intentions shouldn’t cost $800 a ticket (if they got it at face value).

    and from what I understand, some of those people are the season ticket holders of the Cowboys that paid the $100K PSL and were PROMISED in their contract premium seats to the SB. We shall see what the fine print brings out.

  3. It’s kinda like exacting your own measure of revenge until you’re completely satisfied in it. Kind of sad, especially when the NFL has made a pretty honorable attempt to more than make up for the situation.

  4. Listened to the lawyer who is representing the fans in this case this morning on the Ben and Skin Show (ESPN 103.3FM), they podcasted this as well, the audio will make you shake your head….

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