Some more thoughts on leadership

i’m really weary of men who use their positions of leadership in the church to hurt the very people they have been given the responsibility to care for and develop partnerships with.

i heard another one of those stories today.   different people.   same pain.

in the church’s obsessive pursuit of expansion…more people…bigger budgets…land acquisition…increased influence… power brokering…flaunted reputations…edifice construction… well,  let’s just say that people can turn into a liability.

  • junior staff members don’t produce enough numbers
  • leadership decisions get questioned by new folks
  • parents struggle with youth group programs
  • musicians are not improving
  • marriages experience conflict
  • communication gets sabotaged
  • messes don’t get cleaned up
  • workers ignore their responsibilities
  • teachers appear to be shallow and ineffective
  • details are accidentally overlooked
  • misspoken words get magnified
  • promises are inexplicably broken
  • trust gets shattered
  • unstated,  but assumed,  rules get broken

and then the people who fall short can become acceptable collateral damage in that pursuit of expansion.

i’m not saying that people shouldn’t be held to their word  or that followers of christ should be given some kind of free pass because we serve the god of grace.

i’m also not saying that mediocrity of performance is tolerable.

and i’m definitely not saying that sin should be overlooked.

what i am saying, is that we ought to rethink our pursuit of expansion at any cost “mentality”…and that men (in particular) who hold positions of power in church leadership should rethink their assumptions about what it means to lead.

and maybe we should simply make sure we always treat people…even the ones who appear to be undermining our precious pursuit of expansion…the way jesus did.


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