the miami heat have lost five games in a row.   most of the world is not losing any sleep over this.   i’m certainly not.   but i guarantee you lebron,  d-wade,  and chris bosh are.

if you’re a sports fan,  you know the story.   if you’re not…or if you’ve been living under a rock,  the short version of the story is this:  lebron and bosh left their previous teams to join up with d-wade and the rest of the heat,  to form a super team…a team that was to be so good,  so powerful,  so intimidating… there would be no stopping them.

this transaction all culminated with the decision…a “live” television announcement of lebron’s much-anticipated choice of where he was going to take his talents.   it was on that night that he went from beloved to vilified.

a few days after the miami coup was completed,  the whole affair culminated in an over-the-top,  self-indulgent show in the miami areana to show the world the greatness of the holy trinity of baseketball that was going to lead miami back to the basketball promised land.

i have no axe to grind against the heat.  i’m a clipper fan,  not a hater.   i have always like all three of these guys.   they are remarkable athletes and three of the absolute best players of this generation.   they all seem like pretty good dudes.

but there’s something about their failure that feels like justice.   i know that athletes have to have enormous confidence to be able to perform at a world-class level.   there is no place for self-doubt,  skepticism or uncertainty on the court.

i don’t normally enjoy the failure of others,  but whenever the truth of scripture is played out in real life,  it can be a good thing.

“pride goes before destruction and an arrogant attitude precedes a fall.”  proverbs 16:18

they may ultimately win the big prize,  but there is a lesson to be learned.   for all of us.

3 thoughts on “Pride

  1. I gotta admit, I’m pretty satisfied in the Heat’s woeful state. Partly because of the pride thing and “the decision” but also because I hate the “look at me and what I did” culture of basketball and I love the fact that Lebron and D-Wade seem to score more and more every game and it still doesn’t get them a win. It shows that it’s not all about scoring or one or two or three players but it’s about a starting lineup and a bench that can all play and support the whole team.

    The Heat will probably be unstoppable in a season or two when the whole team starts clicking, but for now I’m gonna enjoy their downfall and can only hope the Lakers will play some part of that.

  2. So, if the Heat do come together as a team and put pride aside to win, have they learned a lesson? Or once prideful always prideful. Is there no grace from the fans and media ever again?

    What if one of my friends is prideful? Can I enjoy their failure and hope they learned something?
    I will admit I am human so if I see that someone close is being prideful I am going to enjoy their failure just like I would a politician, athlete, actor.

    It is possible to display arrogant superiority and some not even realizing that it’s pride.


    I agree that a good bench working together with the superstar/s should succeed. But a team missing one of the elements will not. See Cavaliers 2011. When do you think the Cav’s will make it back to the finals?
    Who was the last team to win without any “A” lister’s? Raeshel you will know, they had your favorite player. A basketball team needs a #1 to go to Disney world. That’s why the Mavs need to trade Dirk. Cuban can always buy Dallas fans into at most the second round.

    IMO, this year’s Maverick’s failure will be better than last years.

    Basketball is like a bag of Golf clubs. It is possible to win without using the driver. With a tailwind and an iron hit on the screws you could get lucky and carry the water 200yds.
    Or I can make sure the driver is in the bag.

  3. I think it is interesting how much crap these guys catch for wanting to play together. Aside from Lebron’s “Look at me” announcement…. What did they really do that was all that different from what Carmelo did? Cliff Lee? and the lists goes on.

    We make the same choices in our careers and in our lives. We base our decisions on where we can acheive the most success and around the best companies we can work for.

    They did what they felt was best for themselves and their families. Just because you buy a ticket to their games or turn on your TV to watch them play doesn’t somehow make you the decision maker in their lives. It’s their lives and their decisions.

    Don’t give me this loyaltly crap either. Wade gave all he had for his tenure here but it didn’t keep the Cowboys from throwing him under the bus. Don’t even get me started on the BS the Rangers are doing to the Captain of the American League Champions.

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