Back to the homeland…

the farra’s will be in socal on monday evening.   first in and out burger by 7:45  (the one by south coast plaza).   yes,  this will be a good week.

the timing of our trip will be pretty good.   our first texas in and out is due to open in frisco before summer,  so we will still have the taste of the original version lingering in our memory when we get back to the great state and compare texas cow to the ever-popular california cow.

some here would say there is no comparison.

not really sure what we’re going to do for the week.   we’re staying in orange county.   we’ll visit with friends.   i hear there might be a couple of get-togethers,  but i’m not sure when or where.   i suppose you can check FB.

to those that care,  damon and cindy…and mike and steph…will probably know what we are doing.   if you can find them,  they may share the information.   or not.

we might make a day trip to san diego.   the carne asada fries from santana’s is calling my name.   i wouldn’t mind breathing in the air of petco.   can’t believe we’re going before the start of baseball season.   i’ve actually had some  thoughts about making this a trip to peoria for spring training next time…

i wonder of our cali friends would make the trip to arizona to visit us.   i won’t wonder long…

we’re making a trip up the central coast to visit some old friends.   they’re old.   we’re old.   we’ve been friends a loooong time.   that makes us old friends.

most of all,  we’ll just drive around alot…visit places where memories were made that helped shape our lives and move us along in life.   we’ll eat some fish tacos.   more than once.   i think wanda should lay out at the beach and work on her tan,  but she’s not buying it.

we’ll walk on the HB pier and watch a few sunsets.   salt air is one of my favorite smells in the world.   we’ll drive down PCH and probably a quick trip up in the mountains for some pine trees at 6000ft.

yeah…it’ll be a good time.

one of the coolest things about this trip is that i already know i will be looking forward to coming home.

it doesn’t get much better than that.

stay tuned…you’ll be getting some farra trip commentary along the way.


6 thoughts on “Back to the homeland…

  1. Looking forward to seeing you at Damon and Cindy’s… if the timing is right maybe a pier walk…. got a great parking place at the family homestead. See you soon!

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