Marriage Tuesday

i was doing some reading today and came across a letter that a dad wrote to his son on the eve of his wedding a while back.   here’s one of the lines that really stood out to me:

“Always be the person,  do the things and say the things,  that Ashley can be proud of when she thinks of you.”

there is so much wisdom packed in this short sentence.

i don’t think i have ever come up with anything deeper or more profound to pass on about the mystery of marriage.   these are words that should be the practical foundation of every marriage relationship.

always do the things and say things that your partner can be proud of when he/she thinks about you.   how easily forgotten.   how routinely ignored.   how painfully violated.

the problem is that our marriages become afterthoughts.   every marriage runs the risk of losing heart and turning to barrenness.   the sacred vows are emptied of their meaning and couples can be reduced to co-existence.

the advice in this sentence is shockingly simple:  think about your marriage.   think about what you say and do because you are a constant reflection of your partner.

what an amazing way to put your spouse first.   what a way to keep you from becoming the center.   what a way to insure that love is never drained of its power and reduced to the emotional sappiness that most people call love.

guys,  let me make this clear to you:  start thinking about how you act  (what you do,  how you spend your time,  the way you treat people,  the things you say,  the way you spend your money,  all of it…) and start making your wife proud of you.   all the time.


so i’m going to throw this in for free tonight…

i was finishing up this post tonight while watching the tonight show with jay leno.   the musical guests were the los lonely boys…three brothers from san angelo,  texas. all i gotta say is that if you don’t like the LLB’s,  you’ve got some seeeerrrious problems with your musical taste.   these guys are absolutely amazing rockers.    vocal harmonies are incredibly tight.   all three instruments are totally in sync.   talent is off the chart.   creative expression always blows me away.   have been one of my favorite bands in recent years.

just sayin’…

here’s a little acoustic joint to give you a taste.    anybody want to join me next time they blow through dallas?


3 thoughts on “Marriage Tuesday

  1. The first time I ever heard them they did a Crossroads show on CMT with Ronnie Milsap. A Must See!!! I went and bought their album that night. That’s how music is supposed to be played. No synthesizers and drum machines just an instrument and the gift that God gave them in their voices. Save me a spot on the Farra bus cause I am down for watching them when they come in town.

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