American Idol

i’ll admit it.   i watch american idol.   wanda and i have tuned in since season four.   it’s cheesy.   it’s staged.   it’s formulaic.   it’s mostly predictable every year.

but i still like it.   i’m mostly predictable and cheesy,  also.

we’re down to the final eight.

here are my three favorites:

#1 – casey abrams

#2 – lauren alaina

#3 – haley reinhart

who i think will be the final three:

#1 – lauren alaina

#2 – james durbin

#3 – stefano langone

that’s my take…

here’s what’s so cool about this year’s american idol:  all of the artists have completely different styles…like,  completely dominant styles.   it’s amazing.

james is straight metal…

alaina is new country…

stefano is big-time R&B…

jacob is gospel…really gospel…

casey is all about jazz…

haley is a classic rocker chick  (who can do it all)

paul is pop americana from the 70’s

scotty is old school country

i’ve watched american idol for a bunch of years and this season is totally unique from a music point of view.   all of the artists sing “who they are”.   they are all really,  really good at what they do.   any one of them could win…all of them deserve it,  in their own way.

like i said…pretty cool.

so i’m going to ask a survey question…and not who you want to win american idol.   i’m right,  so it really doesn’t matter what you think.

no.   here’s my question:   what are your top three “music genres”  to listen to when you are having a stellar day?   (don’t make this too complicated…just your favorite kinds of music when things are going good)

do you like jazz?   are you into hip-hop?   dirty south or long beach?   any metal-heads still out there?   classic rock?   nashville country?   texas country?   red dirt?   some derivative of punk?   how about folk music?   soft rock?   top 40?   the blues?   house?   latin?   southern rock?   classical?

weigh in.


18 thoughts on “American Idol

  1. Praise and worship music for me (come a long way since you first came to NPCC and looked through my CD’s, oye!!)…..hubby is still a hard core metal head (are we surprised ;). So what’s your pick??

  2. We are AI watchers too. Love the new judges.
    I like how the contestants are staying true to who they are as artist.
    Hmmm… Nashville Country, Conteporary Christian/Praise and Classis Rock

  3. I grew up on rock and roll. I bought my first record when I was a kid using money from mowing my neighbors yard when I was 10. I bought Kiss’ “Rock and Roll Over” I have pretty much been a hard rock/metal head since then. My first concert was Kiss in 1978. In the 90’s, I was a bouncer at the biggest rock club in Dallas (Dallas City Limits) so I got to see a lot of my favorite bands for free! Im a huge fan of straight, hard 80’s rock (Kiss, Dokken, Raft)

  4. Rock- Pantera, Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch

    “Soft” Rock- Amos Lee, Ron Pope, etc..

    Christian- Crowder, Shawn McDonald, Bebo, etc… Not that Hug your brother churchy junk. BTAH and Friends are Friends Forever is nowhere near what I call music. Its like waterboarding to musical notes.

  5. On a typical stellar day, nothing gets me going like some good old fashioned classic rock.
    When I’m feeling nostalgic I rock out to 90’s grunge and contemporary rock.
    When I’m starting out the day with an extra kick in my step and a raised eyebrow, it’s all about the divas with soul.

    Go Team Casey!

  6. Right now my absolute go to is Ocean’s 11,12 and 13 Soundtracks.

    Also in no particular order:

    Latin and all sub genre’s

    Smooth Jazz/Rat Pack – Benson, Four Play, Spyra Gyra, Sinatra, Dean.

    Rock 50,60,70s NO KISS!!

    Jam Bands- Disco Biscuits, Umphrey’s Magee,
    Keller Williams.

  7. I’m into: clapton, allman bros, george clinton, george bensen, chuck mangione.. Peter Frampton and James Taylor and Stray Cats…

  8. I do like Gipsy Kings as well… I like jazz, but couldn’t name a single band on the radio… (just ask the churchbad@@.. We bet on these things all of the time!!

  9. Chris M…I’m pretty sure Buzzy was at that concert. We hadn’t been dating very long (yes…I’m old) and he went to this concert without me. I didn’t mind. Probably a good decision on his part.

  10. on great days, musically, i can be all over the place. it’s not really a genre, but “beach” music like jack johnson, paul wright, most any reggae, or even jimmy buffett stuff is probably my favorite.

    …or i could go with southern or “swamp” rock like skynryd or zz top (really old), black crowes (old), or needtobreathe (new).

    …and there is never-ever-never a bad time for crowder, POD, or U2. ever.

  11. i have ecletic musical tastes…
    on long drives through mountains, I like some good old fashion bluegrass with a driving banjo and dobro.
    classic rock: eagles, journey, styx, pink floyd
    and driving jazz like Pat Metheny…

    on downer days: nothing like Ray Charles! no how bad the day is going – Ray makes it “right”.

  12. Completely depends on my mood.
    Everything from country to hard rock, a little jazz, a very little hip hop, zero opera…
    If I’m in a good mood or need to get peppy, then something with a good dance beat (or at least head-nodding beat) 🙂

  13. I have been into electronic and house music for a good while now. It gets the good vibes flowing and I always wind up in the zone.

  14. * Rap-funk politically charged rock. (In other words, Rage Against The Machine)

    * Electronica. (Thanks a lot Braz)

    * Soundtrack. (Gladiator for the win!)

    * 90’s rock. (Primarily the grunge branch)

    * Post-hardcore/metal. (Think Blindside, Thrice)

    * Emo. (Yes Emo. So sue me. Most of it is bad, but there are a few great bands in there.)

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