Only $54.95?

so i was doing a little surfing this morning and came across an online web site where a person can get “ordained” into the ministry.

…and people wonder why i generally change the subject when people ask me what i do for a living.

sheesh.   here’s a little excerpt from the web site for your friday reading:

Ordained ministers may:

Perform wedding ceremonies.  Some areas may require registration as well as ordination before conducting wedding ceremonies.  Check with your county clerks office for details in your area.   Please ensure that you meet all legal requirements before performing a ceremony,  breaking the law can have some very serious consequences.

Earn the respect automatically accorded members of the clergy.

Earn money if you wish.  You can legally charge for the services you perform; including weddings, funerals, services, etc.  Note: Before performing any civil ceremony, such as marriage, it is your responsibility to know and follow the laws in the state where the marriage is to be performed.  We offer a quick guide to marriage laws here to assist you.  Check with your county clerks office for up to date information.

Ceremonies – Lead Christian ceremonies and rites as a legally ordained member of the clergy.

Church – Ordained ministers are able to open a church to spread the fellowship of believers.   

Choose your own title:  Minister,  Reverend,  Pastor,  Cleric… you decide.

Here you will find Certificates of Ordination,  ID Cards,  Church Charters,  and Marriage Certificates.

To become legally ordained, simply choose your ordination package from the list below and complete the ordering process. 

You may order securely online using PayPal.   It’s easy and it’s safe!

Which ever you package you choose, you will receive the highest quality documents available on the web.  Once you place your order,  your ordination will be recorded in our ordination database. 

As soon as you receive your credentials, you are free to further your ministry and enjoy the benefits reserved for ordained clergy.

All in one Ordination Package…a $54.95 donation

This package includes:

1.       Lifetime Ordination – Free

2.       Certificate of Ordination, printed on nice 8.5 x 11 parchment paper with raised letter embossed gold seal officiating the document and features your name and title if desired. Calligraphy and script lettering are used throughout the document.

3.       Wallet sized ordination I. D. card, laminated.

4.       Certificate of Church Charter

5.       Signed Letter of Ordination on church letterhead. Use it to register for weddings, hospital visitations, etc.

6.       Free shipping!

This package opens doors of ministry to any minister looking to enter into greater service.

wow.   the fraternal order of abbots  just became easier to crack.   blasted religious hucksters.

this is just another in a long list of things that factor into my cynicism about  “the ministry”.

i love what i get to do with my life.   it is an honor to represent Jesus and give my days for the good of the church.   don’t ever misunderstand my criticism or pithy attitude.   i am humbled that people sacrifice their money so i can lead and serve the way i do.   really humbled.


7 thoughts on “Only $54.95?

  1. They should throw in some bracelets you can hand out with your business cards that have WWJD on one side and your initials on the other side.

  2. Did you know if you wear a WWJD and a LIVE STRONG bracelet at the same time you can heal leprosy?

    Wanna put 60$ together and see if they will ordain thechurchbada@@ as is?
    I would love to put that on someone’s marriage cert.

  3. I’m down but you have to rock it like you did in your high school picture for ID card photo. Collar open, slicked back hair and a blinging Gold chain.

    The question is…..What title are we going to use?

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